Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Salute to Ghandour chocolate company

The Anti Racism Movement salutes the move (although considered by many, very late move) by our favorite chocolate company, Ghandour, to rename it's wonderful product Tarboush, thus ending a discriminate and racist nomenclature, Ras l 3abed or negro head. It's part of a new media re-branding campaign, the Facebook page of which is the following:

But we do note the following.

1. The Tarboush official fan page (less than 200 fans at time of publishing) still has along way to go before reaching the 38,000+ previous fan page the title of which is still Ras l 3abed! Although they recently added the name Tarboush. This page is here
2. We're still seeing people on the new Ghandour Tarboush fan page commenting on it's wall "I like Ras El Abed / Ras l 3abed". Others are immediately replying and requesting to stop the use of the old nomenclature: "Please, ya ret nwa22if nista3mil kilmit Ras l Abed coz inna 3onsoriyyi"

We have a long way to go, but we're heading there!

Screen shots of the the two Facebook pages below.

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