Thursday, December 23, 2010

The lucky maid

Thurayya and the terrorist donkey blogs today about the lucky maid that will get to stay in a 240*180 sm room while her boss stays in a 600*600 sm room in the same house, thanks to the modern design of Bourk ElMadina 5 peeps.

It is so normalized to employ a migrant domestic worker these days in houses in Lebanon regardless whether the income is high medium or a little less, regardless if there is a dire need for help, regardless if there are decent conditions to get someone new to live in the house, regardless in general.

It is sort of a thing or gadget you have to add to the checklist when moving to a new house. You get the apartment, the tables, the chairs, the electronics...and oh yes also the *maid* aka "srilankiyyi" in Lebanese language.

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