Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wafic Jezzini flaunts his sexism and racism

Excerpts from the Jinsiyati Campaign Newsletter.

On May 8, General Wafic Jezzini, Director General of General Security commented on the Ministry of Interior, Ziad Baroud's suggestion to issue Complimentary Residency permits to non-Lebanese spouses and children of Lebanese women. According to Jezzini, the Minister's suggestion is in blatant infarction of the labor laws. Jezzini also added that non-Lebanese men tend to enter Lebanon illegally and then "marry rich old widows or spinsters" in order to live off them.

Jezzini insisted that "granting complimentary residency permits to the non-Lebanese spouses and children of Lebanese women would lead to "social problems" and would encourage these people to enter Lebanon on the pretext of tourism or work and then stay in Lebanon indefinitely".

Way to go Jezzini.

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