Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch Your Rights

The 2011 Human Rights Film Festival will take place from 27th to 30th of January 2011 at Cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil, Beirut.

Festivals play a powerful role in turning a delicate issue, like human rights abuses (torture and arbitrary detention, women’s rights, rights of refugees and migrant workers) in an accessible way for the general public.

As festivals reach a big audience, this is an important goal that we are willing to achieve through the screening of a series of documentaries on human rights in Lebanon.

The event will last 4 days and each one will focus on a specific human right issue:
Women's rights - 27/01/2011
Refugees' rights
- 28/01/2011
Migrants' rights and discrimination
- 29/01/2011
Detainees' rights and arbitrary detention
- 30/01/2011

The program includes screening of human rights documentaries, artistic performances related to the same issue (music or theatre), speakers and panel discussions with the public.

The Festival will also host photo exhibitions, a selection of human rights publications available from the project's Documentation Centre, will see the presence of all the 13 associations taking part at the "Human Rights is Lebanon" Coalition and much more!

Starting at 6pm - FREE ENTRANCE

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