Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ethiopian "falls"

Yes. Once again.

What does it mean to be writing again and again about similar cases with different names and no solutions?

Last week, an Ethiopian allegedly fell from the 7th floor in Cola, around Mal3ab elbaladi. She was a freelancer with no papers and was living with other paperless Sudanese and Ethiopian workers. To know what exactly happened, how she fell, why she fell, we need to talk to other witnesses. All other people who were with her in the house are now detained in prison. So figure that one out.

Police say they arrived to the house because/ after she fell and then detained the others. Non-police stories says police came to pick them all up and  she fell in their presence.

They say she fell at 430 AM. She arrived to hospital at 630 AM and died afterwards. What exactly was the body doing in the 2 prior hours?

The story was no where to be found on news.

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