Monday, February 14, 2011

Ramblings of an angry student

Usually when students enter a class for the first time at the beginning of the semester they ask “is this XX 201?” then they will take a seat and ask their colleagues is she/he a good professor… expect for this special class at this special university in this special country, where students will ask “is he really black?!”.

Actually while asking some colleague if he would recommend this class the answer was (with a laugh) the professor is black (to put it in a somehow acceptable term). Is this really 2011 or is it 1102?

Is it our thing as Lebanese to discriminate against everything, gender, nationality, religion and race? Are those the new rebels, is this the generation that was suppose to rebuild Lebanon. Is this the open minded “the world is village “generation? Are those the same progressive people nagging all the time how old style their parents are?

You might be devil’s advocate and say that this question is out of fear that the professor will have a heavy accent… well in that case advise your client to simply ask “does he really have an accent?”

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