Thursday, March 24, 2011

African nationality, really?

A migrant worker died a couple of weeks ago. We received a copy of the police report. After deciphering the handwriting, we find it saying, "after entering a house, we find the body of a girl from African nationality". African nationality? What the hell does that mean? Since when is Africa a nationality? It is like saying, a girl from Asian nationality or American nationality. Would you ever refer to a Swedish person as having a European nationality?

Oh. And it if good to mention- very good to mention actually- that the girl is not even African in origin. She was Nepalese.

But Nepalese, Srilankan, Ivorian, Filipino, Indian, Bangali, whatever. All of this fit under one category; that of migrant domestic worker and thereby, in the Lebanese context, the word African would work.

The 'trauma" of Lebanese mentality, mind and behavior...

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