Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A call for a meeting to discuss strategies for action for Palestinians in Lebanon

Feeling restless against all the non stop racism and endless trauma that Palestinians live under in Lebanon? Here is your space to act
We are individuals who believe that there is a fundamental problem with the current Palestinian political representation and mode of collective action. We believe that the problem is not one that is linked to individuals and/or their political beliefs, but one that is related to the absence of mechanisms for choosing representatives, accountability, and strategy for liberation. 

دعوة للعمل : قضايا الفلسطينيين في لبنان
We cannot wait or rely on the traditional Palestinian factions to create unity and bypass their differences. In Lebanon we need to unite with other calls rising from Palestine and the Diaspora calling for unity and action in line with the winds of change that are happening in the region

The time has come to combine the efforts of different groups and individuals, who are active or want to be active on the Palestinian scene in Lebanon in order to create an effective platform for action for Palestinian rights in Lebanon and Return.

If you agree with these points and are interested in discussi
ng them with other people then join us.
This Invitation is open to all Palestinians and those who support their cause.

You can participate through sending an email to this address :

In your email please mention one of the following 5 locations for the setting of the meeting ( Beirut, Saida, Sur, North (Tripoli-baddawi-nahr el bared), Baalbeck

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