Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discrimination by color.....of mug

A beautifully written piece by Rana BK.

Many of my friends are well aware of my orange mug adventures, and tell me the solution is simple: just buy another mug. Yes, that does seem pretty simple, thanks for the tip. But why should I feel pressured into making all my public belongings, from clothes to key chains, politically acceptable to all who may see them? Why can’t I have an orange mug without constantly being judged accordingly? Why do I have to give in to this pressure? No, I say, I will keep my orange mug, and people will simply have to start realizing that a color is just a color. But really, this is pointless, because I would have to stop the car and explain that I carry this mug because I like it, because I like the color orange, and not because I support Aoun. Without an explanation I would be hardly making a point. But then I would have to repeat this to a few million people before anything could truly shift. And even then, the most I would hope for is becoming a funny anecdote, “that crazy girl with the mug.”

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