Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Solidarity with CLDH

Press Release by CLDH-

We had thought that the era of intimidation, of justice instrumentalisation
perpetrated against Human rights defenders in Lebanon was now history.

But on March 14, two representatives of CLDH (Lebanese Center for Human
Rights) were notified that they are requested to present themselves to the
criminal investigation service in Beirut on Thursday the 17th of March at 10

A complaint is believed to have been filed by Amal movement lawyers in
relation with the publication, on February 10, of a report entitled : <
Arbitrary detention and torture : the bitter reality of Lebanon >. The
report presents an innovative study on the patterns of arbitrary detention
and torture in Lebanon, based on statistical data, testimonies and

We will continue documenting the violations that are perpetrated against the
people and revealing the truth.

Today, we need the support of all the human rights defenders community to
show the Lebanese authorities that no intimidation can stop the crucial work
we are all carrying out to make Lebanon a better place.

NB : The report is available at the following links:
In French

In English

In Arabic

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