Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What exactly is the problem with this ad?

Leil Mortada explains.

Now, what people don´t seem to grasp, that it is not the campaign itself that is so outrageously bad. We all agree that there is nothing racist about what they are talking about. BUT, the approach is way to smooth and polite at a time where we need URGENT and AFFIRMATIVE action to put an end to the violence (sexual, physical and verbal) and racism facing foreign workers in Lebanon.

It has been years and years, we are not talking about how important it is to clean the streets of rubbish, we are taking about human life and suffering. The campaign is like watching a person being beaten to death while we look at the beater from afar and sing Imagine by John Lennon. This is what makes it outrageous.

Did anyone think of self-defense classes for foreign workers in Lebanon, especially women and queers? Even if at first they don´t put it in practice, it is unbelievably empowering....

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