Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Angry Worker's Day Demo

Here are some pictures of today's beautiful demonstration/march on the occasion of worker's day organized by ARM, MWTF and NNRA demanding Fair Rights for Migrant Workers and an End to Racism in Lebanon.

The march moved from Hamra, starting at Saint Francis Church, towards Sadat Street and Sanayeh, ending at Ministry of Interior.

One voice against racism. One voice for better working conditions in Lebanon. One voice for solidarity with all workers in Lebanon, irrespective of nationality.

In Sanayeh, the crowd paused for a minute of silence to honor the death of Teresa, a Filipina domestic worker who had died after "falling" from her employer's apartment a year and a half ago. The minute of silence observed was for Teresa and the hundreds others who have died in similar forever un-investigated circumstances in Lebanon.

The march ended at the Ministry of Interior, a house for many racist policies and practices which need to be addressed and changed as we speak.

No more silence and complicity with the Lebanese stream of indifference towards migrant/domestic workers struggles.

For more photos, check fb album.

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