Friday, May 6, 2011

Wanna Act in an Alternative Lebanon Tourism Video for Migrant Workers?

Interested in acting or helping out on the set of a video to spread awareness about migrant workers?

MWTF is making: “Welcome to Lebanon”- The Video of the Ministry of Tourism SHOULD be showing Migrant Workers.

MWTF is planning to make an Alternative Lebanon Tourism Video- whereas the traditional “welcome to Lebanon” video might highlight the great fun possible for [white European ... or Khaleeji] visitors to this country, we would like to make a video about visiting Lebanon from the perspective of a migrant worker.

The idea is basically to showcase all of Lebanon’s tourist wonders but from the perspective that Lebanon’s 800,000 migrant workers. Imagine scenes like: drunk partiers vomiting in discotheque toilets while a foreign worker tries to do their job and clean up, family having dinner downtown while worker has to stand up and clean the kids’ faces and not allowed to eat, a migrant worker walking behind the madame carrying a million bags and a kid or two as the family walks on raouche… you get the idea.

Here’s where you come in: we will be filming the 5 scenes Thursday May 12 & Friday May 13 all day, about 3 hours per scene.

We are looking for ACTORS, people to help on set, people with filming skills & ideas for scenes.

For more info, contact MWTF ASAP.

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