Thursday, June 16, 2011

Superiority Complex

A friend is ranting.

I still don't understand why the lebanese think of themselves as a superior race! They make fun of the Syrians, while most of them are here at least working for a living, which of most of the lebanese don't do, and end up nagging about it, and the Syrians are having an awesome revolution, and getting slaughtered while we are happy in our safe homes. They make fun of the Palestinians, while those are people who have been fighting for their land for more than 60 years, and never gave up. They make fun of the Egyptians, well, again, at least they are working for a living, and made the most beautiful historical revolution ever. They make fun of Sirlanika's domestic workers, while in fact, they are the most people to be respected, from an amazing cultural background, and limited all the nationalities of the domestic workers into sirlanki, as in "house helpers" while there are so many other nationalities from a richer cultural background than we ever dream of. They make fun of colored people, while they are colored themselves.They make fun of "sukleen" and the "sukleen" workers, while if it weren't because of them, we would've been drawning in our shit, and garabge, which we already are, so imagine lebanon without them. What do we have really, the phoenix, we created the alphabetical letters, and all we did since is use it to make fun of other people, and write laws that are deameaning to humanity and human beings? what are we proud of really, our new disabled Government? of the dangerous rate of unemployment we have, of how we cannot even create a proper country because of our different religions? What are you proud of ASSHOLES! What makes this race superior! WHAT! huh? WHAT!

Wlak, there's a feaking law mish 3erfin yzabtou! we don't even know how to stop to a red sign, and yet you they feel culturally superior, sophisticated and civilized. Let me tell u something about civilization, it's everything what a lebanese isn't.

Sorry im very pissed, reading while working on a paper about discrimination against certain parts within society, and the lebanese quotes that i have to highlight during doing the layout are so fucking horrible!

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