Monday, August 1, 2011

A Gentle Reminder

In the calls we made to all beaches in 2010 to learn about their policies towards migrant domestic workers, we got those answers. Chose your decisions wisely after reading the below.

Edde Sands
She can not swim but she should not pay

"Maids" explicitly NOT allowed in

Can enter but no swimming even if she pays

Rio lento
If she pays, she can swim. Ie she can go in normally

A clear sign on the door and in brochure that maids are not allowed in. Niether are radios or food.

No swimming in pool. They might allowed her in sea.

No fee. But even if you pay, you cannot go in.

No fee. Not allowed to swim even if you pay.

La Collina
“Maids" have a specific place to sit in. it is a corner near the pool under the pine trees – but not by the pool.

Not allowed in the pool at any time

More on way..

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