Monday, August 22, 2011

New trend: a migrant worker at every bathroom door of a new restaurant

today we went to cafe hamra as our new action to try lebanese brands and to encourage them to face all the american an european brands that are envading our dear hamra.
as we arrived i went to the bathroom to find a migrant worker sitting there sleepy and in a very crapy mood
i asked her why you are sitting in the bathroom waiting to clean it after every customer you can just stand out side it is not good for your health and why she is working on sunday and if she has a day off
this lady is from bangladesh and part of her job is to stay in the bathroom with no day off,a whole shift in the bathroom
i went to the floor and with the help of my friend we wrote this letter ;you will find the picture of the letter attached below
dear mr THE manager,
i know that what i am writting in this letter is rude, but i won’t apologize for it !
i understand that you are taking care of your customers by offering them a nice service, and a clean bathroom! but this does not explain the existance of a lady all the time in the toilets !
mr manager i am sure when you go to the toilet you can’t stand your own smell , how do you accept to oblige a human being to sit arround all day standing people’s smell??? i am sure you are aware of the amount of bacterias this laddy is catching every day ! and i am sure this lady does not have a day off and works at your cafe form opening till closing ! this is definetly not humanitarian at all; and though i liked the place, the service on the floor, but i don’t think i will be back
honestly do you really need this service to give enough ego boosts to your diva clients??????

and when we called the team leader
he told us : hayde el binet manna mni7a serna mghayrin 3 hal chaher
a response that doesn’t have to do with the problem
a racist response a manager that doesn’t even know the name of an employee
a manager that doesn’t mind a person standing in the bathroom all day
a racist manager managing a racist place

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