Friday, September 30, 2011

The Middle Ranking Complex

A friend posted this on our facebook page.
Ain't he right.

Some Lebanese have what I call the "Middle Ranking Complex", in that they look down on people from Asia/Africa, yet they admire European races, especially Nordic ones. This is one of the most contemptible kinds of racism.

In some sections of Lebanese society, especially uneducated ones, if a guy goes out with a black girl he's embarrassed about it, but if he goes out with a Russian/Scandinavian girl, he shows her off to his friends (especially if she's a blonde).

When I was a child I met a distant relative who lived in the Ivory Coast; when my parents invited him to dinner, he told us that his wife was French; not long after we found out that his wife was African; apparently he was embarrassed to tell us.

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