Monday, September 19, 2011

Racism and attacks on facebook groups

A Pakistani guy posted on a group on facebook called Job Vacancies in Lebanon.
This is what followed...
Hi i am shahzad 4rm pakistan.and i am 18 year old whats 4 me in your country:)

    • Elie Filth betjaliss kajo?
      Saturday at 8:33pm · · 6 people

    • Dima Mneimneh loooooooooooooooooooooooooool
      Saturday at 10:06pm · · 2 people

    • Ramzy Badr shu mahdoum la lello jalles a7san ma tmalles
      Saturday at 10:08pm · · 2 people

    • Ramzi A. El-Khoury ‎3injad ya zalami btmawet de7ek tol3et :)
      Saturday at 10:16pm ·

    • Khalil Wehbi Shahzad post what you know man your qualifications its easier tc
      Yesterday at 6:48am ·

    • Rita El Wady nothing for u in our country
      Yesterday at 5:14pm · · 5 people

    • Ramzi A. El-Khoury Well actually in our country their is no work for the Lebanese so wont expect to find for u :)
      23 hours ago · · 2 people

    • Chantal Chahda khalina ntwazaf abel in 'our country'....
      20 hours ago · · 5 people

    • Johny Tannous LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL chway chway 3alei ma tejeldou :D
      19 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Hanadi Ghannam hayda manooo jaled ... hayda te3beer 3an 7a2ee2a sa3biiiii ...3leh w 3laynaaa ...:P
      19 hours ago · · 2 people

    • Hanadi Ghannam being diplomatic is useless & it's another image of lieing ....:)
      19 hours ago ·

    • Elie Andoun ‎7ARAM 3LYAKON...MA RA7AMTOU:)
      19 hours ago ·

    • Samar Haddad poor him nd as we r lebanese lezim yzabtoulna cheghel b lebnen ta nerj3 3a lebnen t3ebna safar hal chabeb 3m ysefro w yeterko lebnen wein hal mass2oulin yetalla3o fina w y7afzo 3leyna bl balad serna barrat lebnen for sorryyy
      18 hours ago · · 2 people

      18 hours ago ·

    • Samar Haddad woowwww mechkle kbire hayde leih 3m bissir heik
      18 hours ago ·

      18 hours ago ·

    • Samar Haddad good luck nd let me know ur news elie lebnen mesh heik bass lezim nerj3lo w nkhalli a7al balad b 2id we7de nchalla
      18 hours ago ·

    • Elie Andoun NSHALA:)
      18 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Samar Haddad y3ne ka 2eno ma fi amal yejlouss hal balad :)
      18 hours ago ·

      18 hours ago ·

    • Samar Haddad y3ne no comment mab3ref chou bade 2oul ne7na wein ray7inn chi biza3il
      18 hours ago ·

    • Elie Andoun T2AMALEH YA SAMAR ;)
      18 hours ago ·

    • Samar Haddad i dont know loolll
      18 hours ago ·

    • Elie Andoun TRY IT COZ I WILL 4 ABOUT 2 WEEKS:)
      18 hours ago ·

    • Maysam Kamar Let's all apply to Pakistan :P
      17 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Shahzad Niazi ok qualification and about me.i just give the exam of 2nd year in commerce and i now english and urdu and punjabi languages only now tell me which type job for me?:)
      10 hours ago via mobile ·

    • Shahzad Niazi kumar in pakistan its to hard :(
      10 hours ago via mobile ·

    • Khaled Youness man do you have a job for me in pakistan ??
      10 hours ago ·

    • Chantal Chahda Can u teach urdu and punjabi? :)
      9 hours ago via mobile · · 2 people

    • Anthony Mikhael Shahzad? so u don't even have a uni degree yet? Chabeb... restart the "jaled" :)
      9 hours ago · · 3 people

    • Yara Chehayed I need to answer this now even if it means doing that from my friends account. *** Shahzad, this is place called Lebanon and this facebook group are not for you my friend. There is too much filth, inferiority and superiority complexes, racism and hopelessness in those people. You do not want to move here or work with or around them.
      8 hours ago · · 2 people

    • Anthony Mikhael You answer from ur friends account?? show ur real identity then, so we can have this discussion...
      8 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Yara Chehayed Eh I am too scared to write this from my account. Accept me to this group habibi (request pending for a long time) and then we can have endless discussions on ever racist comment you put and approve, as many as there are.

    • Anthony Mikhael Most of the lebanese youth have master degrees and they can't even find a decent job in lebanon, i even know friends with PhDs that won't return to lebanon because the level of pay doesn't even cover the cost of living in don't u talk about racism, there is no place for a pakistani, english, french, chinese, american or whatever nationality to come work in lebanon...
      8 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Anthony Mikhael You think lebanese are happy to go work in a foreign country, away from their loved ones, complicating their lives...even if this was their own choice...but we, as lebanese, we make these choices bcz we don't accept to live in poverty, bcz we have ambitions to grow personnaly and to help our country rise...So please racism has got nothing to do's a matter of lebanese coming back and having a decent job in their own country
      8 hours ago · · 3 people

    • Anthony Mikhael As for the group u r talking about, I don't operate any groups on fb, I don't even know what your talking about...maybe you confused me with someone else..Sorry
      8 hours ago ·

    • Chantal Chahda Yara's friend, r u sure u r lebanese? Because what u have said points out that u don't know how our people are suffering to make their please, think again before opposing true and actual comments.
      4 hours ago via mobile · · 1 person

    • Shahzad Niazi u now why i need job in lebanon bcz i like lebanon and if i want i just visit lebanon for enjoying but i don't want to burdun on my parents that's y i need little job but many ppl here who have qualification more than me.they all r 1st and me in 2nd gud luck all
      36 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Shahzad Niazi Yes I teach u urdu madam:)
      32 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Shahzad Niazi i have a job 4 driver in pakistan my brother is transporter many times he need a driver 4 turck if u r a gud driver than most wellcome bro:)
      25 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Shahzad Niazi Micheal i don't have uni dig now i take a addmission in 3rd year .i means i am new in uni:)
      21 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Shahzad Niazi kamar my father have big transport company and my father is also importer and exporter and MASHAALLAH he create gud income.But i wanna do somethng 4 my own foot.I think u understand my friend
      10 minutes ago via mobile ·

    • Jean Farah ze7touna bi hal post
      9 minutes ago ·

    • Riad Chami get a life man...people with masters degree are imigrating and your fuckin new in uni and asking for a job in leb..who are you huddini??? you love lebanon or you love lebanese girls??? do ur self a favor and fuck off before uve been fucked up trust me on that :D

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