Monday, October 24, 2011

Supporting MTV Racism..and Validating it

As usual, and no changes in the pattern today, everytime there is a profoundly racist video, article, song or any piece really, we are more amused by the following comments to that piece rather than by the unnoticed and let-live racism in it.

Look at that in reply to the MTV vidoe posted on none other than the
Lebanese Resistance by LF-Kataeb-NLP-Cedar Guards


George Hanna eza ma lamouon be hal yawmen , bykouno 3amlo di3aye lal manta2a be balech
Marie Therese Chi te3tir weyniye Hal dawle mbachlin b8ayer douwal w terkin lebanon la 8oraba wl .....
Sam Nassif والو وين الرجال البناني ؟
Jjarc Saba shou haida ya 3ami bala ma trekdo wara shi ma elo ta3mi sa3do hal 3alam 3ala halmsibe yalli henni fiya wkebbo hal ajanib kelloun barrat lebanon
Majed Wakim meshkletna ne7na lebneniyi mnedrot men tiz wes3a kel beit fi kedmi aw 2 ....
Lebanese Resistance by LF-Kataeb-NLP-Cedar Guards-Tanzim must be shareddddd
Angel SaMau eh wala ma3oun 7a2 , btnzal k2ank seret bi kaza balad w chi 2araf w chi medre kif, alla ynajina menoun!!!
Daniel Serghany ya 3aybechoum !!
Fuad Daher هودي مش بشر هودي أقل من بشر والحيوان يتبرأ من تصرفاتهم
Samir Fahd kif mneftah majel la hek ness ghouraba yeicho bi manatenaa kif mnebal yejo yeskno ena aw yechteghlo nehna ma tealamna baed min akhtae lmader w lyom lkarra am btenead

Just a sample.

وكلّو كوم، واسمو للفيديو كوم تاني..
الشرقية في خطر

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  1. I am happy when i hear what they say about lebanese in dubai,ksa or any other country where they go working. They deserve it, These people they clean our shit, our roads, cook for them, work in construction ...who wants to do it in Lebanon ? I never saw a lebanese pumping his car, or working on a construction site. Shame on them, I am disgusted from these words :(