Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wage hike: What is everyone so angry about?

It’s hard to take seriously the cabinet’s effort to preserve Lebanon’s livelihood after its decision on Tuesday to increase the monthly minimum wage to 700,000 LL ($466). All logic be damned.

First off, the salary hike comes with a caveat: individuals who take home more than 1,800,000 LL ($1200) a month, do not qualify for a wage increase.

Workers who make between 1,000,000 LL and 1,800,00 LL will get 300,00 LL added on to their salary.

And anyone under 1,000,000 LL ($666) will earn an extra 200,000 LL a month.

Domestic migrant workers will get the biggest boost to their paychecks to offset how racist the majority of the population is towards them. (That’s not true at all, sorry. Just wishful thinking. I couldn’t help it.)

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