Monday, October 3, 2011

What Unites Lebanese People?

This is an interesting comment on the NowLebanon Article.

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September 30. 2011

All Lebanese, of all religions and background, have only 2 things in common: 1) They always pretend that their misery is caused by others. 2) They themselves refuse to grant basic human right to domestic helper. Obviously the banana republic government is not aware of the existence of such a thing as basic human right .


Ain't this true? Putting generalizaiton aisde and looking at things as they really are, what is one thing that almost all Lebanese people agree on unanimously?
Their sectarianism towards one another.
Their racism against Palestinians and domestic workers.
They inferiority complex from Europeans and Americans.
Their superiority complex on all other Arabs.

.... wait a second.

This means they agree on 4 things. Not just 1. Nice.

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