Thursday, December 29, 2011

Must Read

A beautifully written response to a traumatic piece by Emirates 24/7.

The five signs? Your maid acting like a perfectly normal human being:

1) What if the maid is using a mobile phone? Perhaps to connect with the family that she is deprived from seeing or having any other form of communication with. For years. But wait, no! Can’t be. She is most likely conspiring with others to run away and leave you to clean your own damned dishes. “BEWARE!!”

2) Is your maid going outside? Maybe for some fresh air? Unbelievable! She needs air? Fuck off!

3) Your maid is sick? No. YOU’RE sick. For believing that she’s sick. She can’t be. She’s a maid. She needs to work. No sick days off. Get it done. Not gonna pay it min-wage for nothing. What’s the worst that can happen? She dies? Order another of her kind.

4) Buying travel bags. Or any kind of bags. Or food or water or any other necessities. Buying anything. Everything she needs is available. She really doesn’t need much. Just a uniform and like, a banana or something.

5) Meeting old and new friends during her weekly holiday. Oh wait, WHAT HOLIDAY? Who is she meeting? They’re conspiring to steal the house. The cars. Maybe even the husband? No way! Lock her in the room. Maids only need one friend. It’s called a broom.

In all seriousness, why should these be signs for anything other than having certain rights that can amount to a somewhat better life. None of these signs are anything short of completely reasonable.

Full article.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ethiopian Worker Dies

So this is what goes on news.

The NNA reported on Tuesday that a 20-year old Ethiopian domestic worker passed away as she fell off her employer's balcony in Hadath region.

Her body was immediately transferred to Baabda Governmental Hospital. 

Name of the person who died mentioned.
Name of the employers.
Reason of falling off from the balcony.
Call for investigation.
Any sort of emotions or interest in emotions in her case.

If a "a 20-year old Lebanese worker passed away as she fell off her employer's balcony in Hadath region", would have warranted the same level of indifference?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"How to Catch 'Your' 'Maid' Before She Runs Away"

Exercise: Count how many disasters this article holds.

In the weekly broadcast of Rouh Al Qanoon (spirit of the law) programme on Noor Dubai, lawyer Isa bin Haider lists five signs that can help you know if your maid is planning to abscond.
According to him, the five sure-shot signs are:
·         Frequent use of mobile phone
·         Going out of the house frequently without any apparent reason
·         Repeatedly claiming to be unwell
·         Buying travel bags while claiming that she is preparing for her annual leave
·         Meeting old and new friends during her weekly holiday
Last week’s programme was dedicated to the issue of absconding domestic workers.
Lt Col Khalaf Al Ghaith, Assistant Director General for Illegals and Foreigners’ Affairs to follow up on the offenders in Dubai was invited as a guest on the programme.
He disclosed that the department had charged some Emiratis with legally bringing foreign labourers into the country but leaving them to work illegally for other people, in return for cash.
Lt. Col Al Ghaith said: “The recent campaign which was conducted by the department led to the seizure of 254 people under the categories of assistants (maids, drivers and gardeners), including 17 males and 237 females.” He added that “69 cases were referred to the public prosecution."
Al Ghaith said: “Our investigations also led to the arrest of some other defendants who were involved in recruiting these servants despite them not being under their sponsorship, and in case of conviction, they will be fined Dh50,000.”
Meanwhile, Bin Haider reviewed a number of cases of violence and abuse against young children in the absence of their parents.
He attributed the cases of escaping domestic servants to three primary causes: abuse and humiliation by their employers on an ongoing basis, overload of work, and maids’ desire to increase their income by working illegally.
Lt Colonel Al Ghaith stressed: “The issue of absconding domestic workers is not a phenomenon but are individual cases,” and pointed out examples of househelps who have enjoyed excellent relationships with their sponsors for more than 20 years. He added, recently, the department also honoured one such family.
He disclosed there are many mechanisms adopted by the department to track defaulters. Community members are urged to inform the department of such cases. Also frequent raids by the department at usual places that house runaway maids and tracking posters and advertisements calling for domestic helps and scaning shopping centres also help keep a check on illegal maids.
Lt Col Al Ghaith also called for the humanitarian treatment of domestic workers, and urged employers to not threaten them with ending their services in a way that may force them to abscond.
He confirmed that most workers borrow large amounts of money before comingto the UAE. Regarding the role of recruiting offices in their escape, Lt. Col. Al Ghaith said the department has clear records of such agencies and the Department of  Economic Development doesn’t renew the licence of 'offending' offices.
In response to a question about the procedures which should be applied particularly after enabling maids to escape outside the UAE after stealing money and jewellery, Lt Col Al Ghaith urged all sponsors to immediately report such cases on the number 8005111. He added that the responsibility of the sponsors will be expired once they report absconding cases.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from the Anti Racism Movement

Thanks to Stephanie Nour Prince who took the time and effort to do this from a to z.

Racism in Lebanese schools

Mom: "Why my skin color is black?"

You know we are living in a sick society when such questions are being asked by kids and no one is doing anything about it.

What are you doing for this Christmas?

Two weeks ago Meseret Taffara from Ethiopia gave birth for 2 beautiful twin boys in Lebanon.

However during the process some complications happened which led Meseret to go into coma.

Meseret has been in coma since then and she never saw her kids or had the opportunity to hold them and give them at least the first and the last kiss!

Doctors at first told the husband of Mesrat that she will not survive but later on her situation got better and she opened her eyes but stayed in coma situation (not speaking/interacting or communicating).

Mesrat is married to a Lebanese citizen who believed in breaking the barriers between races and ethnicities and build a family with her. Her husband cannot afford paying for the hospital fees and is crying to see Mesrat in good health and shape, playing with her kids and growing old next to them.

Mesrat is at Saint Jospeh Hospital in Dawra, 3rd floor, intensive care.

This Christmass if you wich to make somone's life happier and directly save the life of somoene, we highly recomend you to make a contribution for Mesrat and her kids. Imagine how much differnce that would make.

We are ready to receive the contribution and deliver it to her family directly and guarentee that the contribution will be payed for her hospitalization fees.

Any contribution is great even if its a small amount.

For contribution please call Ali from the Anti Racism Movement : 71-421593

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thought of the day - How?

2 to 7 years sentences given to people who spied for Lebanon's ultimate enemy. "Israel"

2 to 7 years in prison usually without any trial for a migrant worker walking around the street without his papers or with an expired residency permit.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

حلو... رجعنا

«عمليات سرقة وتشليح و«تلطيش البنات»، حبوب الهلوسة، وأبر المخدّرات وبيوت الدّعارة... على نحو ساخط ومعمّم»، مشهد اقتحم منطقة «النبعة - برج حمود» أخيرا، وهدّد أهاليها، ما دفع البلدية إلى اتخاذ قرار بطرد العمّال الأجانب، من أكراد وغيرهم، القاطنين هناك من دون أوراق ثبوتيّة.

ويشدد مخيتاريان على أن "الجميع توافقوا على ضرورة معالجة ظاهرة الأجانب في النبعة، وما يحصل ليس لصالح أحد"


Annahar 22 june 1981, copied from KherrBerr.

Naamani Motor Parts adAnnahar 22 june 1981 ad

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looks Good

Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas said “we hope that citizens do not hesitate to call during and after official working hours.”

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So out of all possible things that might come out of a primary search on domestic workers in Kuwait, look what you would get. #Sickening

Inserting “Kuwait maid” on a Google search results in a viral video titled “Maid Stealing from wallet (Kuwait). BEWARE!!” – it has been viewed almost half a million times. Emirates 24/7 recently published this piece, titled: Five signs to spot a maid about to abscond. 

Full link.

5 Reasons To Not Beat Maid

And what is one of the most commonly used arguments by employers to justify confiscating passports?
Protecting their investment.
So then, why would you beat your maid to death?
You’re killing your investment!


The Recent Decision By The Cabinet To Restore Lebanese Nationality

The Nationality Campaign has followed with much concern the recent decision by the Cabinet to restore Lebanese Nationality to “descendants of Lebanese fathers and grandfathers”. This move appears to be in stark contrast with the decision of the current Minister of Labor (September 2011) to facilitate the granting of work permits to spouses and children of Lebanese women based on the recognition of women’s citizenship rights.

With this new draft law, the cabinet has:

1. Ignored the rightful demands, economic and social hardship of Lebanese women married to non-nationals and whose families consider Lebanon to be their home and the Lebanese nationality to be their right;

2. Decided that Lebanese lineage is exclusively a male lineage thus further reinforcing patriarchal discrimination against women.

The Arab Women’s Right to Nationality Campaign regrets this decision to exclude, yet again, women and calls on the Lebanese State to uphold its commitment to CEDAW and to strive for inclusive and equal citizenship.

Important: Official Apology to Em Nazih

The note posted on ARM blog 2 days ago contains wrong and inaccurate information.

This is an official apology to Em Nazih, Saifi Urban Gardens and their staff. We recently posted a note we received about a racism incident recounted by a friend of ARM. Today, after there was an official meeting by Em Nazih staff, the person who recounted the story and somene from ARM, it led to realizing that the actual place where this incident happened is El Nazih not Em Nazih.

We apologize dearly for Cafe Em Nazih for all that this miscommunication has caused.

We did post this before double-checking the facts and having the meeting which was set today and which cleared things out. The reason is that we received the story from a very credible source and close activist and the number she called on when this happened was El Nazih not Em Nazih and both names got mixed up.

Mistakes happen and although we feel very bad about this, we are happier about the fact that what we thought has happened in Em Nazih definitely didn’t and wouldn’t but it has happened in El Nazih pension, very close by.

As the reply from Cafe Em Nazih earlier today has shown, this place “hosts hundreds of hungry customers Arabs and non-Arabs, rich and poor, gay and straight every week, and anyone who has spent time there knows that the Cafe and its employees treat everyone equally.”

Please if anyone mentions this story in front of you, make sure you correct his or her version. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

***Reply from Em Nazih***

We would've liked to post this reply after the meeting scheduled to happen tonight (check below) but to be fair until then, this is a reply sent from Mac McClenahan, director of Saifi Urban Gardens. More will be posted later.

Is it enough to make accusations in order to end racism?  No, you get to the bottom of the problem and fix it.  Unfounded accusations simply recreate the crude stereotypes that fuel racism.

Cafe Em Nazih and its hard working employees have been falsely accused of racism on the Anti-Racism blog, and there have been calls to boycot the Cafe on Anti-Racism's facebook page.  The simple fact is that Cafe Em Nazih is a restaurant, and has nothing to do with dorms.  Cafe Em Nazih hosts hundreds of hungry customers Arabs and non-Arabs, rich and poor, gay and straight every week, and anyone who has spent time there knows that the Cafe and its employees treat everyone equally.  The Cafe has on many occasions defended Syrian bus drivers, gay belly dancers, and Sudanese workers from bigoted Lebanese in order to create one of the few places in Beirut that truly welcomes all.  Boycot the cafe and you feed racism.

The "Racism at Em Nazih Dorms?" post is obviously refering to Saifi Urban Gardens, a simple mistake which would have been easy to solve had we been contacted by the Anti-Racism movement.  Unfortunately we were never contacted and no attempt has yet been made by the Anti-Racism Movement to actually address the racism they are accusing us of.  The fact is that Saifi Urban Gardens has hosted hundreds of guests representing every country in the Arab world.  We have no policy against Arabs staying at the hotel; just ask the Arabs sleeping at Saifi Urban Gardens right now.  We do have a policy of forbidding unmarried men and women to share a room.  This is a (silly) Lebanese law enforced by the General Security.

It is sad to see such an important cause as anti-racism used to target a place that brings people together.

We have contacted Ali Fakhry and are awaiting the opportunity to introduce Nada Dirani (who answered the phone and is being accused of racism) to her accuser and clear up what is obviously a huge misunderstanding.


How sick can a country get?
Lebanon can be used as a caliber. So, a woman can not grant nationality to her children or husband even if they lived here for decades. But a Lebanese man can automatically pass it on to his wife and now a new surprise:
A draft law granting dual citizenship to those expats with a Lebanese grandfather.


“This matter is of great importance and is vital for Lebanon,” Sleiman’s media office quoted him as saying Tuesday. He urged Parliament to pass the law swiftly to strengthen the bonds of expatriates with their homeland, politically and economically.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Room and a Bathroom Are More than Enough

Shared by Mo.

Luckily in Lebanon we still fight for the right of basic necessities shelter, water and electricity.
Luckily we are three weeks away from 2012 and here I am posting on an anti-racism blog.
Luckily I still spend a portion of my social contact trying to convince people that the way they treat their domestic house worker in not close to human and that 3 meals a day is not the only qualification to making them good employers.
Luckily despite of all the ugliness I am still able to walk around the streets of Beirut.
Luckily Beirut is witnessing a “great” real estate boom.
Luckily developers are so proud of their high standard luxurious and deluxe buildings; they print their “Typical Floor Plans”
Luckily I have a couple of minutes to stand in owe in front of this….

Luckily this house has three bedrooms and two salons. Two salons just what a typical family needs.
Luckily these salons will be used for all occasions and not just as a showroom for fancy decorations and uncomfortable furniture.
Luckily the house worker has a room for herself unlike other places where she is sleeping in kitchens and balconies.
Luckily she has a bathroom.
Luckily her room size is a bit smaller than bathroom in the master bedroom.
Luckily master bedroom is conveniently named after whoever will be using this room.
Luckily she will have the washing machine in her room, so she will be able to fix it if anything goes wrong.
Luckily she is very close to her workstation (kitchen).
Luckily she will have Air Conditioning and heating because it is common practice for “maid’s” room.
Luckily her room has the kitchen on one side and stairways on the other which means many opportunities to have a window for sunlight to come in.
Hopefully she will find her way to the stairways and get out of this prison.
Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm.
Hopefully you can see how racists, classists and degrading we are and how wrong and messed up our mentality is.
Hopefully you will never keep silent when you see something wrong.

Window Cleaner

بخافوا يضيعوا إذا ما كتبوا شغلو على تيابو

Racism at Em Nazih Dorms?

This was sent 2 days ago. Here goes.

X's egyptian friend is coming to Lebanon tomorrow, so he
wanted somewhere to sleep, thus she suggested the dorms at Em
Nazih. She called to book a bed in a shared dorm, so
the woman on the phone asked: "is he a stranger?"
X: "Yes, he is Egyptian"
The woman: " no sorry bass lal ajeneb la2ano fi banet wel 3arab ma
fiyon yet7amalo heik chi, w enno ma byet7amalo ychoufo ajnabiye bel
short aw bel zolot"
So X tried to argue with her w hek, so the woman finally said:
"In any case, this is a decision from the General Security not to
allow arabs in dorms"

So what yaani?

كافة أنواع التأمين: خدم وسيارات

Sunday, December 11, 2011

سحب الجنسية من 176 شخصاً وأسرهم بعد 17 عاماً من اكتسابها

يبقى صوت أبو فادي، الآتي من سماعة الهاتف، هادئاً ومحايداً إلى أن يُسأل إن كان هو الشخص نفسه الذي ورد اسمه في الجريدة الرسمية، من بين أسماء الذين سحبت منهم الجنسية اللبنانية. عندها يثور الرجل، ويبدأ سيل من الأسئلة المستنكرة من دون انقطاع. 
ليس أبو فادي، العامل في حقله في أحد أودية الجنوب، من المتابعين لما يصدر في الجريدة الرسمية. لم يعرف الرجل، كما كثيرين غيره، أن الدولة اللبنانية قررت سحب الجنسية من 176 شخصاً، مع فروعهم، بعد سبعة عشر عاما من حصولهم عليها، كما أنه لم يعرف أنه من بين هؤلاء. 
استعاد أبو فادي حقه بالهوية اللبنانية في العام 1994، وكان قد حرم منها منذ ولادته، بسبب غياب جده، راعي الماشية، عن إحصاء العام 1932، لوجوده مع قطيعه في البراري. وقتها، منحت ذرية الجدّ هويات «قيد الدرس». 
وبعد حصولهم على الجنسية مع والدهم، تزوج أبناء أبو فادي وأنجبوا أطفالا لبنانيين، خدموا العلم بعدما أصبحوا «لبنانيين منذ أكثر من عشر سنوات»، وحظي البعض منهم بفرصة الدخول إلى السلك العسكري، سواء في الجيش أو في قوى الأمن الداخلي.. 
أقبلوا على تعليم أطفالهم، إذ لم تعد الوظائف ممنوعة عليهم. حملوا هويات تدل على انتمائهم، وسجلوا أملاكهم بأسمائهم اللبنانية، وعاشوا ما يستحقونه من استقرار نفسي في البلاد التي لم يعرفوا غيرها.. 
وفرحوا، خصوصاً، بنجاة أبنائهم من ضياع الهوية الذي عانوا منه هم على مدار عشرات السنين.. 
ثم، ها هو خبر صغير يأتيهم عبر الهاتف «يدمر» كل شيء. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's racist about this? - Win a dinner with the Anti-Racism Movement Team

Find out what's racist about this picture of an article published today in Al-Akhbar and win a dinner with The Anti Racism Movement team and migrant leaders.

First 5 persons who send us an email with the correct answer will win.

And belive us, having a dinner with us is extremly fun :)

Send your answers to:

You have until December 11th 12 am to find out!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rai Remarks on Non-Christian Help Spark Controversy

Take note of the stament in Bold!

BEIRUT: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai’s recent statement that Christian religious institutions shouldn’t employ non-Christian foreigners has drawn mixed responses.

At a Sunday Bkirki Mass in honor of Myriam Ashkar, a woman who was killed by a janitor at a monastery she was visiting in Sahel Alma, Rai said that “in order to protect their sanctity and inviolability, we call on officials at monasteries, religious institutions and centers not to entrust their protection to non-Christian foreigners or to house them on their premises.”
Fathi Salateen, a Syrian national, has been charged with the premeditated murder of Ashkar.
Father Abdo Abu Kasm, head of the Bkirki-affiliated Catholic Media Center, said Rai “asked that we have Christian workers, so that they can know the value of our institutions because what happened was unacceptable.”
He called Rai’s call “the minimum reaction to [Ashkar’s] murder.”

Abu Kasm added that the patriarch’s request wouldn’t apply to non-Christian Lebanese, because “the Lebanese have customs and traditions, whether they are Christian or Muslim, so they know the value of the Church and they know the value of the Mosque.”

Others have criticized Rai’s call. Ali Fakhry, of Lebanon’s Anti-Racism Movement told The Daily Star that it shows “how racist and unaware of migrant rights and the situation of racism in Lebanon” Rai is.

“We are surprised and at the same time not surprised by this statement,” Fakhry said, adding that he did not have exact numbers as to how many people could lose their jobs as a result of Rai’s statement, but said “this will affect a lot of people.”

For his part, Abu Kasm said “we need to wait and see” how many people would be affected, adding that “all institutions belonging to the Church, including schools” fall under the umbrella of Rai’s comments, but not charity associations.

Abu Kasm also added that he considered the patriarch’s statements to be a “request,” while others have appeared to interpret it as an order.

Lebanon from an Ethiopian perspective

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If you add ego to ego, what happens?

You think the name of this "ومش هيني تكون لبناني
" is an issue?
Pause and check the lyrics then.
This can seriously be taken as a case study at courses in universities on how inferiority and superiority complexes are planted and grown.

المصير اختارك التاريخ بيتحداك بتزرع ما بتحصد
كلن مرتاحين ما عداك
بتضحي ما بتلاقي
بتنزف ما بيجف الدم بتموت
لترجع تموت من جديد بذات الهم
هيدا قدر اللبناني
ومش هيني تكون لبناني

بدا مجهود مش بس إنساني
بدا قدرة وقوة مش متوفرة بحدا تاني
بدا فعلاً تكون من قلب قلبك لبناني
بدا فوتة بالحيط ومرات كتير بالأزاز
بدا جرأة ومحبة وطن وإعتزاز
ومش هيني تكون لبناني

بس لبنان وطن ما إلو تاني
بتقللي ضحيت سنين وتعبت
شو اجاك
هيدا بلدك هيدا قدرك لأنك لبناني
ومش هيني أبداً يكون الواحد لبناني

يمكن لأنو كبير
ونحن بعدنا زغار
يمكن لأنو زغير ويلي بغاروا كتار
يمكن بكل بساطة لأن لبنان رباك
مش هيني يكون الواحد عن جدارة لبناني

ليالي كتيرة واللبناني وحدو يلي بعمر
من لحمو ودمو عمبعلي العمار
بإرادةو من عزمو عمبيستحي الدمار
مش ناطر عجايب ولا حسن النوايا
لوحدك بجهدك دورت كل الزوايا
بالإسم عنا مسؤولين وإنت السائل والمسؤول
هن سياسة العبث ومنطق المش معقول
لأنك متل وطنك لوحدك
لأنك لبناني
ما الك إلا ربك ما تتكل عحدا تاني
إعتز افتخر بجهدك يللي فوق إنساني
وتذكر دائماً
مش هيني الواحد يكون لبناني

الجار للجار، لكن ماذا لو كان يريد الإغتصاب؟

New story. The rapist is Lebanese.
What will happen this time?
Who will speak about this?
Where will it be covered?
Who will give a damn about the woman who survived it?
The guy is Lebanese. Is it worth a scandal or there is no political games behind it so let it pass?
Let's wait and see. But its not really hard to envision the indifference and apathy ahead.

Thank you Thurayya and the Terrorist Donkey for writing this.

هذه المرّة القصة تأتي من الشوف. عادة ما يحدث في الشوف يبقى في الشوف، وكلنا يعرف الأسباب. 
 في الشوف لا وجود للمغتصبين والمجرمين من الأكراد والسوريين وغيرهم من الجنسيات، 
 إنهم دروز لبنانيين مئة في المئة ولا مجال للشك أو التشكيك في عرقهم، وكلنا يعرف الأسباب.

نهار  الجمعة في ٢ كانون الأول، قرع المدعو زياد  باب جارته، (نعم إسمه زياد وعائلته أبو زكي، لا قدح ولا ذم ولا من يحزنون هنا. على هؤلاء أن يسموا بأسمائهم.) كان زوجها قد غادر المنزل قبل بعض الوقت وترك تلفونه خلفه. وكان زياد طبعا يراقب.

فتحت هي الباب دون أي تفكير ظانة أن زوجها طبيب الأسنان قد عاد من أجل التلفون، ففتحت الباب بإبتسامة، لكن زوجها لم يكن واقفا على الباب.كان زياد هو من يقف على الباب،  هو ليس كبقية الجيران، لم يكن يريد بعضا من القهوة أو السكر. كان بيده مسدس مصوبا على رأس جارته. لم يكن يريد السرقة أيضا، كان يريد إغتصابها بقوة السلاح. خافت وصرّخت بأعلى صوتها. لم يسمعها أحد. ركضت من غرفة إلى أخرى.  "ماذا يريد زياد مني؟ ماذا يريد هذا الأب لولدين مني؟ ألم يكن بيننا بالأمس خبز وملح؟ " 

ربما هذا ما كانت تردده وهي تدخل من غرفة إلى غرفه، وتطبش بابا خلف باب وهو يلاحقها بمسدس وغريزة رجولية حيوانيه.

دخلت المطبخ وأغلقت الباب خلفها. لا مكان للهرب، ولا مكان للإختباء. خلع باب المطبخ ودخل عليها، خرجت للشرفة. هل تقفز؟ أو هل تترك نفسها فريسة لهذا الجار؟ صعدت على الدرابزين. أمامها أربع طوابق وخلفها رجل بمسدس بإستطاعته القتل إرضاءً لعضوه الذكري. 

إلتفتت يمينا وشمالا، رأت أنابيب المياه على جنب الشرفة، بشجاعة لا مثيل لها، تمسكت بأنبوب المياه ونزلت متزحلقة من الطابق الرابع، ومن ثمّ لتقفز وتكسر وركها وتشوه رجليها. إستطاعت الفرار بنفسها وتنجو من إغتصاب محتّم.  جاء الدرك على غير عادته في مثل هذه الحوادث وألقى القبض على زياد. إنتهت القصة هنا.

لعلّ المؤسسة اللبنانية للإرسال لم تعرف بالحادثة ولا ال "أم تي ڤي" أو ربما عرفوا ولم يجدوا في الأمر أهمية، لأن المغتصب من العرق اللبناني هذه المرة وليس سوريا أو أجنبيا، ولا مجال للتحريض وللعنصرية هنا ولا لطرد الدروز من الجبل!

يا أصدقائي لا علاقة للإغتصاب بدين، أو جنسية أو شريحة بشرية دون أخرى، فالقصص هي كما وصفتها نادين معوض ولين هاشم هي قصص نساء يغتصبن أو يتعرضن للتحرش وليس وضع مسيحيين أو إسلام في خطر. هنّ نساء في خطر من جهل وكبت إجتماعي.


إذاً بين ليلة وضحاها تحوّلت كلمة «سوري» إلى تهمة وليس إلى جنسية، حتى أن مدرّب اللياقة البدنية على قناة mtv أمين ديب اختار الإدلاء بدلوه غداة الجريمة مهاجماً العمال السوريين في لبنان «هناك لبنانيون يوظفون سوريين، رغم أنه يمكنهم استبدالهم بعمال لبنانيين بفارق مئة دولار فقط». طب معقول!!!!؟

Thanks Mo.

بوادر «ثأرية» تلوح في المتن وبيروت

«تما يصير ببناتكن متلي اطرقوا كل السورية قتلة». عبارة خُطّت أسفل صورة المغدورة ميريام الأشقر لتُنشر على موقع «فايسبوك» الأسبوع الفائت. عبارة ثانية لاقت الرواج نفسه: «ممنوع تجوّل أي سوري بعد السابعة على الطرقات وإلا ...». الكلمات الناضحة عنصرية نبتت كالفطر هنا وهناك، ووضعت في خانة «رد الفعل الطبيعي على جريمة ساحل علما التي راحت ضحيتها ميريام الأشقر». وفي بلدة المغدورة، توعد «الأهالي» بضرب كل مواطن سوري يُوجد في المنطقة. سارع كثر إلى الاصطياد في الماء العكر. وما إن أُعلن أن «المجرم مسلمٌ سوري» حتى انهالت الشتائم وارتفع الصراخ المطالب بإعدامه علناً لجعله عبرة.

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African Day Celebrations - UNESCO Beirut

On December - 4 - 2011 The African Union in Lebanon organized the African Day Celebrations at UNESCO - Beirut.

الدولة اللبنانية تسحب الجنسية من ١٧٦شخصا بعد ١٧ عاما على منحها

بتتذكرو لما قبل بكم بوست كتبنا إنو كل مرة بنقول إنو خلص هالقد
هيدا ماكسيموم عنصرية معقول الدولة أو الشعب اللبناني يوصلوه أو يعملوه؟؟
طيب٫اليوم وللمرة المئة عالقليلة بنكشف إنو لأ في شي أكثر معقول يصير
الدولة اللبنانية سحبت جنسيات من ١٧٦ شخصا بعد ١٧ سنة من منحهم إياها
وأكيد في عندك جماعة لبنان الجنة وبلد الفينيق والورق عنب محشي والتبولة عم يهللوا

Urgent Call: Free Razan

To Razan, with freedom & love!
by beautiful Leil

Razan Ghazzawi, or Razan Razaniyyat as I refer to her in the activist/bloggers´ circle, is everything but the quiet type despite her sweet shy smile and her observing eyes. If she doesn´t like the food, she would say it to your face or right at the waiter´s. So she did the last time we went eating out together in Cairo a few months ago. This is Razan, outspoken and knows quite well what she likes and what she doesn´t like. No wonder the Assad regime went after her. All of us kind of knew it was a matter of time. Those who knew Razan or followed her blog knew that she is not the kind of person to keep shut, whether it is a blogger she disagrees with or a terrorist regime she courageously wants to see destroyed. And this is what many of us admire Razan for.

Before Razan came to Cairo she was in Beirut. From there she was continuously bombarding Twitter and Facebook with information about what is happening inside… inside Syria. That´s how she called it back then, “inside”. Razan is one of my main & trusted sources of news about the Syrian revolution. If there is a piece of news about Syria that I doubt, Razan is the first person I´d write to. This might explain a bit of the sense of disorientation I feel now. My main trusted source of news about Syria is detained by the brutal Assad regime.

In Lebanon, like many Syrian and (few) Lebanese activists making noise about the Syrian revolution, Razan was harassed and intimidated by the Lebanese secret services and the Syrian secret police who are extremely powerful and active all over the country. In May she wrote me to tell me she was coming to Cairo, and I was very happy. I didn´t tell her back then, but I was happy because I was feeling guilty for putting all my attention on Egypt and I felt that having Razan there would be like having a chunk of the Syrian revolution right there in front of my eyes. And so it was.

She didn´t leave Lebanon because she feared for herself or because she crumbled under pressure. No, she left because she wanted to have more space to support her people´s rebellion for freedom. It is not a hidden fact that Beirut recently is not the most fertile ground for political activism, especially on the Syrian revolution.

Together with other friends we ran back and forth around and in Tahrir Square. On June 28th Razan helped defend Tahrir under US-made teargas & rubber bullets, and was there when we took the square back. All through her stay in Cairo she never stopped spreading news about what is happening in Syria and looking into ways to help and support. She was/is two revolutions in one.

Razan isn´t only passionate about overthrowing oppressive regimes, and she is not just another blogger. She is passionate about overthrowing all equations of exploitation, repression, oppression, discrimination and injustice. She is a fighter for vegetarianism and animal liberation; a fierce activist on the LGBT/Queer front; a feminist guerrilla; a tornado for a free Palestine, against Israeli Apartheid and on the plight of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and elsewhere; an anti-colonialist anti-imperialist Arab Syrian; and an ever rebellious anarchist.

For all of the above reasons, I know that Razan wants us to fight for her freedom but without forgetting the thousands others in Syrian jails. She would want us to use the spotlights shed on her detention to speak up about the thousands others, those same thousands she spent night after day tweeting & disseminating information about. She wants us to support the Syrian revolution that she wrote much about, and did much for.

Razan´s face at the moment she told me she is going back to Syria is vivid in my head ever since I heard of her detention. So is her answer when I asked her “Razan, are you sure?” “Yes I am” she replied. I don´t usually try to deter friends from heading to a crucial battle, but having lived under the Assad secret services and army in Lebanon I knew what Razan was risking. We both knew. So I asked her again “are you sure? What about …..”  then and there in one of the Bursa cafes in downtown Cairo the answer came again decisively, determined and full of longing; “Yes I am”. There I wished her a safe trip and a successful revolution.

Razan left Cairo to Syria, and from there I slipped back into the Egyptian revolution and she slipped into the Syrian one. Our contact has been minimal, very few quick are-you-oks from the distance. And now from the far distance I wait to read another of her amazing blog posts. I wait for her to see how many people support her, love her and admire her work. I wait for her to join us again and see how her detention have brought so much attention and support to one of her most important causes, the Syrian revolution.

The attention Razan´s detention is getting should incite us to join forces and punch back the Assad regime and support the revolution Razan is detained for.  We have a responsibility towards Razan and the thousands others to make noise, and by this I don´t only mean tweet and re-tweet! Action is what is needed, ACTION everywhere!

Yes Razan does hold a US passport, yes she is a US citizen, and yes she opposes the imperialist and capitalist politics of the US government. She speaks loud and clear against their politics of war and exploitation. But is her US passport a card Assad would care about? I don´t know. Will this card make Razan happy? I don´t think so! But pardon me dear comrade, pardon all of us. We know that this wouldn´t make you happy with our efforts to free you, but try to understand our position dear Razan, we want you out, at any cost, and sometimes people resort to desperate measures. Your presence and your free voice are way too important for us. The brutality and viciousness of the Assad regime leave us under no choice but to play any card we have, no matter how desperate it is or how dirty it will get our hands.
Dear comrade and dearly-missed friend, it has been two long days since you were taken away only to be put in the spotlights and hearts of many worldwide. Many are waiting for you… many are tweeting, blogging, launching petitions and calling embassies to secure your safety & return home. We promise you we will not stay still till you are back with us… and then we will continue the fight for a free world. Maybe now we would all wake up and put more effort into giving the Syrian revolution the support it deserves and badly needs.

For a free Syria, for the freedom of all detainees, for a #FreeRazan
Here is how you can help #FREERAZAN

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

هل يبدأ عصر جرائم القتل العنصري؟

Another good questions posed by
Read the article below. 
Putting everything aside, we are very happy to see such an influx of writers, bloggers and activists noticing, highliting, deploring and speaking out against this wave of unprecedented racism that we are passing through now. Thank you. It is comforting to know that the number of people who are enraged is increasing by the day. One day soon, we will become majority.

العنصرية تحوّلت إلى ثقافة في لبنان. ثقافة تحتقر "الغريب".  تعتبره خطر محدق يتهدد شعب لبنان العظيم. هذا الغريب الذي كان ولايزال، مكروهاً ومنبوذاً. فهو ، ببساطة، دخيل، يجب أن يُضرب. يجب أن يكسر رأسه ويُطرد. لا لشيء اقترفه سوى أنه غريب. العنصرية المقيتة تستفحل واستمرارها ينذر بعودة عصر جرائم القتل العنصري.

"تما يصير ببناتكن متلي طرقوا كل السورية قتلة". عبارة خُطّت أسفل صورة المغدورة ميريام الأشقر لتنُشر على موقع فايسبوك الأسبوع الفائت. عبارة ثانية لاقت الرواج نفسه : "ممنوع تجوّل أي سوري بعد الساعة السابعة على الطرقات وإلا...". الكلمات الناضحة عنصرية نبتت كالفطر هنا وهناك، ووضعت في خانة "رد الفعل الطبيعي على جريمة ساحل علما التي راح ضحيتها ميريام الأشقر". ميريام الشابة التي عُثر عليها جثة لا روح فيها داخل كيس في منطقة حرجية في ساحل علما مطلع الأسبوع الفائت. والتي تزامن انكشافها مع توقيف مشتبه فيه اعترف بقتلها بعد مقاومتها محاولته اغتصابها.

ردود الفعل لم تقتصر على الاستنكار الكلامي. فتوعد أهالي البلدة بضرب كل مواطن سوري يُوجد في المنطقة. باتت جنسية المجرم الشغل الشاغل للجميع، وكُشف النقاب عن وجه بشع لعنصرية كامنة في النفوس، هذا إذا استُثني من سارع للاصطياد في الماء العكر. والمفاجئ أن هول إعلان جنسية القاتل ودينه كان أشد وقعاً من الجريمة بحد ذاتها. إذ ما أن أُعلن أن "المجرم مسلمٌ سوري"، حتى انهالت الشتائم وارتفع الصراخ المطالب بإعدامه علناً لجعله عبرة. لم يكتف الهاتفون بمحاكمة القاتل، بل شرّعوا لأنفسهم إنزال حكم الإعدام ببني وطنه ودينه: "يجب أن يُطرد السوريين من مناطقنا". قد يُفهم موقف العائلة المفجوعة، لكن المستغرب صدور هكذا مواقف من رجال في موقع المسؤولية أسقطوا فعل الإجرام على جنسية محددة ورأوا في أبناء طائفة القاتل مشاريع قتلة. وفي الخط نفسه، انضوى البطريرك بشارة الراعي خلال ترؤسه قداساً على نية المغدورة ميريام الأحد الفائت. فقد دعا غبطته الرعايا والكنائس لعدم إيواء لأجانب غير المسيحيين. ورغم أن غبطة البطريرك أبدى تقديره للأجانب الذين يعملون بإخلاص، إلا أن المتوثّبين لفرصة كهذه رأوا في العظة ضالتهم فاجتزأوا مضمونها وحملوه شعاراً للتنديد بـ "الغرباء". وإذا ما أُريد النظر بحُسن نية إلى موقف البطريرك الراعي، يجوز التذكير بأن سلفه البطريرك مارنصر الله بطرس صفير يتحدر من عائلة سورية جاءت من بلدة الصفرا في حوران.

الحساسية تجاه الغرباء انتشرت أسرع من انتشار الزكام خلال فصل الشتاء. انتشار كاد يستدعي وضع نواطير على مداخل الأحياء. ولاحت بوادره مع اعتداء مرافقي النائب نديم الجميّل الوحشي على شابين من الضاحية الجنوبية كانا في الأشرفية. لقد استفز منظر الشابين الغريبين بالزي الأسود النائب الجميّل، ما دفعه بحشرية أمنية لإرسال مرافقيه، من دون وجه حق، لتقصي هويتهما ومعرفة ماذا كانا يفعلان في منطقته المسيحية. طلب مرافقوه هويتهما، ربما للتأكّد من أنهما ليسا سوريان، علماً أن عائلة الجميل قدمت لبنان من بلدة يحفوفا القريبة من دمشق. كما أن والدة النائب الكتائبي السيدة صولانج توتنجي هي من أصول سورية. هذا إذا لم نذكر أن إيلي كرامة، ثاني رئيس لحزب الكتائب بعد بيار الجميل، كان من أصل حمصي.        

وبالعودة إلى جريمة قتل ميريام التي لا شك أنها تقطر وحشية. ولا يمكن لأي إنسان إلا أن يطالب بإنزال أشد العقوبات بالمجرم، يستنكر تضخيم رد الفعل الجماعي على الجريمة واستغلالها في إذكاء العنصرية. وإغفال جرائم أخرى، إن لم تعادل في فظاعتها جريمة ميريام، فهي تتفوق عليها. وهنا يتبادر السؤال عن موقف الرأي العام من جرائم حصلت منذ شهرين، مرّت مرور الكرام، من دون أن تستحضر هذا الإجماع الشعبي على محاسبة المجرم. لماذا لم يهدد المواطنون أو يرعدوا مطالبين بإعدام الأخوين جورج وميشال، اللذين عُرفا بالقتلة التسلسليين. فقد نفذ هذين الشابين أحد عشرة جريمة أزهقت أرواح مواطنين أبرياء راحوا ضحية لقمة العيش. فبعض ضحاياهم كانوا من جنسيات أجنبية وأديان غير مسيحية. فهل كان يُفترض تسليط الضوء على طائفة القاتلان، وهما مسيحيان ويحملان الجنسية اللبنانية، وتشجيع أقارب الضحايا من الطوائف الأخرى والجنسيات الأخرى على المطالبة بالثأر من المناطق المسيحية. 

جريمة ساحل علما ليست الأولى من نوعها لجهة تصفية الحساب مع العمال الأجانب. تعيدنا الذاكرة إلى جريمة كترمايا التي ذهب ضحيتها طفلتان وجداهما. جريمة هزّت الرأي العام بعدما تحولت إلى هستيريا شعبية بعدما قرّر أهالي البلدة أن يثأروا بنفسهم من مشتبهٍ فيه مصري الجنسية لم تكن قد ثبتت إدانته بعد. انتزعوه من عناصر القوة الأمنية ونفذوا فيه حكم الإعدام. قتلوه بهمجية بعدما أشبعوه ضربا وركلا وطعنا بالآلات الحادة. حادثة أخرى حصلت عام 2005. وقتذاك تعرّضت الشابة كوكب الأحمد (25 عاما)  إلى القتل بعد اغتصابها جماعياً، في أحد بساتين بلدة البرغلية الساحلية (قضاء صور) من قبل عدة أشخاص. ورغم أن أصابع الاتهام وُجّهت إلى ثلاثة عمال سوريين وشاب لبناني، إلا أن غضب الأهالي انصب على جميع العمال السوريين في تلك المنطقة. ونال بعضهم نصيبه من الضرب والأذى على فعلة لم يرتكبها. وفي قضاء صور أيضاً. سُجّل فصلٌ جديد من العنصرية بعدما عمد شبان من بلدة حانويه إلى إحراق  منازل تابعة لعمال سوريين انتقاما من شاب السوري اغتصب فتاة قاصر في حزيران 2010.

ردود الفعل على جرائم القتل مشابهٌ لتلك الحاصلة بعد السرقات التي تستهدف مراكز دينية. فبعد تكرار عمليات الاعتداء على كنائس وسرقة محتوياتها، بدأت توّجه الاتهامات إلى سكان أحد الأحياء في منطقة الفنار باعتبار أنهم ليسوا مسيحيين. لكن توقيف القوى الأمنية لأحد الفاعلين، بيّن أنه مسيحي. الأمر تكرر في قضية سرقة مطرانية الروم الأرثوذكس في الأشرفية. أوقف ثلاث مشتبه فيهم وتبين أن اثنان منهم لبنانيان مسيحيان. وفي سياقٍ مواز، يبرز نوع أخطر من العنصرية. ربما يكاد يكون لأشد قساوة يتمثّل بعنصرية الدولة نفسها. فالعنصرية اللبنانية تتجسد يومياً في تعامل أجهزة الدولة مع الأجانب أيضاً. ولعل ما جرى للسودانيين الذين أقاموا الحفل الخيري في ضاحية بيروت، لجهة تعرّضهم للضرب المبرّح ونعتهم بأبشع النعوت، يكاد يكون خير مثال. 

تدق جريمة ساحل علما ومثيلاتها ناقوس الخطر. ليس على مستوى ردود الفعل العنصرية فحسب، بل لكشفها ذهنية إجرامية ظهرت إلى العلن مؤخراً لجهة اللعب على الوتر الطائفي. وهنا يستهزئ بعض المتابعين بقولهم: "من الآن وصاعداً، على المجرم الأخذ بالاعتبار جنسية الضحية وطائفته حرصاً على حياته في الدرجة الأولى وحفاظاً على السلم الأهلي ثانياً. 

3 GREAT articles from Al-Akhbar - WOW

جريدة الأخبار تنشر ثلاثة مقالات رائعة عن العنصرية والإعلام اللبناني

ندعوكم لقراءة ونشر هذه المقالات و التعليق عليها
تحية للأصدقاء ليال حداد وأحمد محسن وبيار أبي صعب - دام قلمكم/ن

الجرائم الفظيعة قد تحرّك الوحوش الضارية القابعة في أعماق الوعي الجماعي. أمام هول الصدمة تستفيق الآلة الجهنّميّة لتعمّم عواقب الفعلة الآثمة التي ارتكبها فرد معزول، على أهله وعرقه ودينه وأبناء جلدته و... «الغرباء» أجمعين!

في «شارع هوفلان» سبقوا البطريرك. كانوا يصرخون «ما بدنا كعك بلبنان إلا الكعك اللبناني». لا يريدون خبزاً من غير لحمهم و
دمهم، ولا بائعين على غير صورتهم.

وجبة عنصرية على شاشتكم كل مساء
وسط هذا الجنون، قد يكون ما قاله المختص في الأمراض النفسية جوزيف الخوري مطلع الأسبوع على otv في برنامج مرتين هو صوت العقل الوحيد الذي اسمتعنا إليه على التلفزيونات. قطع الخوري الطريق على كل الكلام العنصري «من ارتكب هذه الجريمة، شخص موجود في كل المجتمعات، بغض النظر عن طائفته أو أو جنسيته»، لكن هل سمعه أحد

Nice Comment

Found on one of the articles in response to the racism and hate incitement wats Syrians and "other foreigners" are being subjected to end of 2011 in Lebanon.

بادئ ذي بدء أحر التعازي لعائلة الفقيدة وأطلب من الله الرحمة والغفران لها. وتعليقاً على العنصرية المرضية في هذا الفيديو وغيره الكثير الكثير الكثير من ممارسات اللبنانيين اليومية المخجلة، أقول ببساطة أنهم شعب ممزق يفتقر إلى أبسط درجات المنطق في النظر إلى أنفسهم وإلى العالم من حولهم، ومعظمهم أضاع هويته منذ عشرات السنين عندما بدأت نار الحرب الأهلية تلتهم كل ما لديهم من قيم انسانية. هم لا يستحقون سوى الشعور بالشفقة. مضحك أن يتهموا السوريين، بتعميم لا يدل إلى عن جهل مطبق، على خلفية جريمة ارتكبها عامل سوري (هذا إن كان هو قد ارتكبها!!) وكأن الشعب السوري بأكمله يجب أن يحاكم على خلفية جريمة فرد واحد. ولا أدري إن كان واحد منهم يقبل أن يحاكم نيابةً عن أي لبناني آخر. كما قلت شعب ضائع، والشعور العنصري لديهم هو حالة تعويض بائس عن ضعف ونقص لايجدون لهم علاجاً سوى بالنفخة كالطبل الفارغ والاستلاب والذوبان في الآخر الغربي. رحم الله مريم ولك الله يا لبنان.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good question

Crimson posted this on ARM fb page today.

Yesterday in 7adis l balad, the show host, gave a salut to all people in India for watching her show it was good, and then the stupid guy who co-host with her started imitating how Indians speak, and she went along with him and made fun of how Indians speak!!! sometimes i wonder is that pure stupidity, or racism, or both! because imagine making fun of people who actually watch the show! It was pure lame and silly, and they made fools out of themselves, moreover i hope the Indian people would stop watching this show, in order to not see stupid Lebanese fools making fun of their culture in their face!


Lebanon will not grant new residence permits to Nepali domestic workers (except in case of renewal)

اعلان من الامن العام اللبناني

أولاً: عدم قبول طلبات سمات عمل للعمال والعاملات في الخدمة المنزلية من رعايا دولة النيبال.
ثانياً: إن هذا التدبير لا يشمل العمال والعاملات في الخدمة المنزلية الموجودين في لبنان والراغبين بتجديد إقاماتهم إستناداً لإجازات عمل

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Painful Reality of Foreign Migrant Women

During my prison visits, I met many women who had escaped from their bosses in a momentary distraction of a door forgotten to be locked or as they had been sent to empty the trash. I also heard about the nightmare they had endured: the sexual abuse and the beatings at the hands of their employers.

Trivializing Abuse of Migrant Workers in the Gulf

Headlines involving domestic workers in the Gulf often fall into one of two categories: the horrifying or the ‘quirky.’ Reactions to the former – a maid raped, a woman tortured and enslaved – are instantaneous: absolute revulsion. But condemnation of the latter is less apparent, less certain. The absurdity of these stories – for example, an employer complaining about a maid using her cell phone – appears somewhat lighthearted. Wrong, but essentially harmless; perhaps the product of a “funny” law, another oddity of the intersection between the Gulf’s culture and legal system.

In a case involving cash and jewelry theft, the article’s headline reads “Maid Stole her Employer’s Lingerie,” promoting a condescending, farcical image of domestic workers. In another article, two migrants imprisoned after sleeping together in an employer’s house are referred to as “Kuwait’s Romeo & Juliet.” The attention drawn to the ‘humor’ in these cases often mask the seriousness of the situation.

Such severe criminalization of minor “violations” have become normalized, infantilizing domestic workers by denying them even the simplest independent decision making. Every inch of a domestic worker’s life becomes a point for government and employer control; “domestic dictatorships” and the legal systems that support them seek to dictate nearly the entirety of workers’ lives. These attitudes and laws work to mold workers into “robo-maids,” whose sole existence is committed to domestic service (despite salaries incommensurate with 24/7 labor).

This is not to say that domestic workers never commit serious crimes, or that sponsors are at fault when they do. But the severe responses to relatively unremarkable infractions – even if they are not life threatening, even if they do not result in extended jail times – are still attacks against the humanity of non-citizen workers. In a recent case, a maid was sentenced to one month in jail after leaving a sick toddler home alone, even though she called the child’s mother immediately after leaving. The worker was charged with “absconding” despite leaving only to attend her mother’s funeral in time, and only after her sponsors had denied her salary to return home.

These seemingly “minor” acts of legal aggression against domestic workers – in which the charges appear less serious, or the disproportionate punishment comparatively ‘soft’ – function as a part of the larger oppressive social structure by stripping migrants of their dignity and validating further human rights violations against them. The expression of total ownership, control and power over workers’ existence – the psychological enslavement – is the same dehumanization that occurs in more conspicuous cases of abuse.

The coverage of these stories is not necessarily reprehensible – though the intentionally bizarre headlines do contribute to the triviality – as awareness of such preposterous cases is essential to minimizing their occurrences. But we cannot scoff and stop at the headlines – we must recognize that concealed beneath the mirth likely lay another story of abuse and injustice.