Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Recent Decision By The Cabinet To Restore Lebanese Nationality

The Nationality Campaign has followed with much concern the recent decision by the Cabinet to restore Lebanese Nationality to “descendants of Lebanese fathers and grandfathers”. This move appears to be in stark contrast with the decision of the current Minister of Labor (September 2011) to facilitate the granting of work permits to spouses and children of Lebanese women based on the recognition of women’s citizenship rights.

With this new draft law, the cabinet has:

1. Ignored the rightful demands, economic and social hardship of Lebanese women married to non-nationals and whose families consider Lebanon to be their home and the Lebanese nationality to be their right;

2. Decided that Lebanese lineage is exclusively a male lineage thus further reinforcing patriarchal discrimination against women.

The Arab Women’s Right to Nationality Campaign regrets this decision to exclude, yet again, women and calls on the Lebanese State to uphold its commitment to CEDAW and to strive for inclusive and equal citizenship.

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