Monday, December 12, 2011

A Room and a Bathroom Are More than Enough

Shared by Mo.

Luckily in Lebanon we still fight for the right of basic necessities shelter, water and electricity.
Luckily we are three weeks away from 2012 and here I am posting on an anti-racism blog.
Luckily I still spend a portion of my social contact trying to convince people that the way they treat their domestic house worker in not close to human and that 3 meals a day is not the only qualification to making them good employers.
Luckily despite of all the ugliness I am still able to walk around the streets of Beirut.
Luckily Beirut is witnessing a “great” real estate boom.
Luckily developers are so proud of their high standard luxurious and deluxe buildings; they print their “Typical Floor Plans”
Luckily I have a couple of minutes to stand in owe in front of this….

Luckily this house has three bedrooms and two salons. Two salons just what a typical family needs.
Luckily these salons will be used for all occasions and not just as a showroom for fancy decorations and uncomfortable furniture.
Luckily the house worker has a room for herself unlike other places where she is sleeping in kitchens and balconies.
Luckily she has a bathroom.
Luckily her room size is a bit smaller than bathroom in the master bedroom.
Luckily master bedroom is conveniently named after whoever will be using this room.
Luckily she will have the washing machine in her room, so she will be able to fix it if anything goes wrong.
Luckily she is very close to her workstation (kitchen).
Luckily she will have Air Conditioning and heating because it is common practice for “maid’s” room.
Luckily her room has the kitchen on one side and stairways on the other which means many opportunities to have a window for sunlight to come in.
Hopefully she will find her way to the stairways and get out of this prison.
Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm.
Hopefully you can see how racists, classists and degrading we are and how wrong and messed up our mentality is.
Hopefully you will never keep silent when you see something wrong.

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