Friday, January 27, 2012

Get a Life, racist bar

Racists and I-swear-I’m-not-racist-I-just-don’t-trust-or-like-‘them’ will be disappointed by the news today that a bar in Achrafieh has regretfully decided to cancel its eagerly anticipated event ‘Dress up, Talk and Act like an Impoverished Maid’ night (not the official title).

The Facebook promotional advertisement [see image above] which fails spectacularly at even correctly spelling the country many maids in Lebanon are from - “this Friday night… look like a Philippino [sic], Bengladish [sic], Sri Lanka [sic]” – invites customers to dress up as “any maid you want” for the chance to win a cash prize of 100 dollars.

Most offensive is the line “They do work all the month to get it [i.e. the 100 usd cash prize]… imitate them and win it in some few comedy moments.” Seriously!? Mock the pitiful salary maids “work all the month” to get and then make fun of them? Wow.

This really is a new low.

Worse still, the bar in question is Life Bar, a gay-friendly bar which ought to know better than to make fun of discriminated members of society.

The owner’s defense is that it was mistakenly interpreted as racism and was merely meant to be a bit of fun. “You didn’t have to dress as a foreigner, you could have just put on an apron and dressed as your mom,” she is quoted as saying. Yes, that’s clearly what the advertisement implies: “any maid you want” clearly includes one’s own mum.

Following objection by the Anti-Racism Movement on Wednesday, Life Bar cancelled the event on its Facebook page.

Racists and I-swear-I’m-not-racist-I-just-don’t-trust-or-like-‘them’ will have to look elsewhere for their 100 dollar incentive.

Nice one NowLebanon.

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