Tuesday, January 31, 2012

“Life Bar” Gemmayze asks guests to dress as maids

“This Friday Night, Be Sinkara or Milenga.. Be Soumatra or Domma.. Create your own Maid Costume, Speak Like them and look like a Philippino, Bengladish, Sri Lanka or any maid you want and definitely win 100$ in cash. They do work all the month to get it.. Imitate them and win it in some few comedy moments.”
We really can’t miss an opportunity to be disgusting can we?

A friend of mine just sent me an article by The Daily Star showing the following headline:
“Beirut bar cancels event inviting guests to dress as domestic workers”
The Anti-Racism Movement revealed the bar to be “Life Bar”  and this is the original description in their Facebook event.

“They do work all the month to get it.. imitate them and win it in some few comedy moments”
This isn’t some cultural-themed party precisely because there is no such thing as a “maid culture”. This is just a disgusting event by men and women whose pathetic empty lives allow their conscience to be at ease while dancing to Dj Micha’s beat. It is pure racism of the lowest kind. To openly mock the men and women who leave their families to come and work in this country is indescribable.

FYI It’s Filipino, not “Philippino”, Bengali not “Bengladish” (WTF is Bengladish?), and Sri Lankan not “Sri Lanka” (Sri Lanka is the country, wtf do you guys watch? Fox News?)

Clearly this was made by someone who failed grammar in school but that didn’t stop Cynthia Mehanna from graduating in Business Management at LAU. Isn’t this proof that we might want to set the university standards a tiny bit higher in this country? And I’m guessing Dj Micha couldn’t know the difference either.

A big thank you to the Anti-Racism Movement for making it public. This is the link to “Life Bar”‘s Facebook group and you can access Cynthia here or on 03678741 (all info come from their group). Changing the event description is not enough, we want an official apology from “Life Bar” to the 250,000 migrant men and women of this country. They deserve nothing less than our respect.

Thanks Joey.

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