Monday, January 23, 2012

Memorial Vigil for Victims of Fassouh Building

People from across Lebanon are invited to join a candlelight vigil to remember all the victims of the collapsed building in Achrafieh, and especially those who were not paid proper respects because they were not Lebanese.

The vigil, located in Fassouh area next to the site of the incident at 6:30pm on Wednesday January 25, is being held to remember people who died because of negligence, and those who have been discriminated against by our racist community, even at desperate moments like these and after their horrifying deaths.

Everyone is welcome to join the ceremony by taking along a torch or a candle that can be lit in memory of those who have died or in support of those who are still suffering from injuries.

This event is about raising awareness of the issue, as well as letting victims - and their families - know we are thinking of them.

So join us to honor the invisible soldiers of our daily life and to show everyone that no one should be discriminated against based on race, religion, class or gender.

This Wednesday
6:30pm until 7:30pm
Site of the collapsed building, Fassouh-Achrafieh

تدعوكم حركة مناهضة العنصرية للتجمع من أجل إضاءة شموع عن أرواح ضحايا المبنى المنهار على رؤوس قاطنيه في الأشرفية وخاصة عن أرواح الضحايا من الجاليات الأجنبية المهاجرة العاملة والقاطنة في لبنان حيث قامت جميع الجهات الأهلية والرسمية والإعلامية بالتعامل معهم/ن على أنهم مجرد أرقام ضحايا ولم يتم تكريمهم/ن بالشكل المناسب.

نهار الأربعاء القادم في الخامس والعشرين من كانون الثاني الساعة السادسة والنصف أمام المبنى المنهار سيتجمع عدد من الناشطين/ات وعائلات الضحايا لإضاءة شمعة عن أرواحهم.
كما نشجع أصدقاء وعائلات الضحايا إصطحاب صورهم لنصبها على ركام المنبى المهدوم.

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