MTV is an excellent news and entertainment tv station. It’s also the station that most “gets” the internet and is most smart about it. It’s really sad that a majority of bright and professional people there are getting tarnished because of a few idiots whose idea of comedy is to make fun of people’s misery, enslavement and suicide.
So what does “actively shame and boycott” MTV mean? Here’s what I’m thinking:
  • Unfollow all MTV employees on Twitter and ask people who follow me to do the same
  • Delete the MTV app from my iPhone and iPad and ask all my readers and family members and friends to do the same
  • Delete Beirut Spring posts that recommend watching MTV and downloading their app
  • Ask everyone to go to the iTunes store and give their app a 1 star rating
  • Appeal to readers who can pull strings to ask businesses not to advertise at MTV
  • Stop watching their news bulletins online and reading their website
  • Unlike them on Facebook and ask friends and friends of friends to do the same
  • Ask all my readers and friends, especially bloggers and activists to actively shame and boycott MTV, as detailed in the points above.
I know I’m just a regular guy and that these measures won’t affect a big corporation like MTV. I don’t want to get all sensational and call the station names, but I want to believe that at least I’m making a small difference in furthering the cause of racial equality, compassion and harmony in Lebanon.