Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shit Racist Lebanese Say

We at the Anti-Racism Movement have the honor to present to you "Shit Lebanese Racists Say"

Read the disclaimer below, watch the video and pass it on to your loved ones !

The Disclaimer:
We are NOT implying that all Lebanese are racist. This video is meant to point out and shame shit racist Lebanese say. It is also meant to raise awareness on racist things we might say unintentionally.

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  1. I don't remember having witnessed such conversations in any lebanese society, but I remember those two instances in my youth:
    - In 1991, I was 16, we were in Cyprus, I remember a friend of Dad's cursing the Cypriots because "they treat us like Sri Lankees". I was too shy to answer this otherwise good man: "How do YOU treat Sri Lankees then?", or "Why should anyone treat us in a different way than Sri Lankees?". When waiting on Dbayeh to get some water, a bus full of Indian workers who were having some fun on a Sunday arrived, and one Indian guy wanted to fill a two liter bottle of water. He understandably didn't want to wait for the hundreds of liters waiting in line. People waiting their turn just didn't allow him, telling him to wait like the others. My father gave him the chance to fill the bottle, saying to me: "Haram". I guess a certain idea of Haram (which comes from the same root as Ihtiram) needs to be rehabilitated, not in a religious sense but in a spiritual one.
    - The second event in my youth was when I discovered there was a people called the Kurds. It suddenly dawned on me that the word Istikrad was a horrible word. I had often used it, and by the force of habit it can still be said in my presence without raising the objection it should. For this and so many other things I am sorry, and ask for forgiveness!