Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Discussion: ‘White’ (?) Savior Complex or Solidarity?

Half if not all of 'Beirut's activist scene' should attend this.


This Thursday evening, Nasawiya is hosting an interesting, long awaited discussion on ‘White’ (?) Savior Complex or Solidarity?'
Fb event

In this discussion, we will focus on questions on 'the foreigner', the individual and the government and solidarity.

How do we ameliorate the unequal power dynamics in the relationship between the ‘colonizer’ and the ‘colonized’ in the context of humanitarian development, social activism, and human rights through various NGOs and grassroots organizations, such as Nasawiya?

The purpose of the conversation is to explore and challenge issues of imperial history, cultural hegemony, discrimination/racism [“north to south” and “south to north”] , postcolonial feminism, universal (?) feminism, and the politics of location. In the context of feminism/and or women’s rights, how are feminists/activists united and divided? What are specific roles ‘foreigners’ can and shouldtake to work towards the goals of Nasawiya? Why? Ultimately the goal of this conversation is to answer, what does solidarity between various feminist identities look like in the context of Nasawiya?

Food for thought:

“How Not to Study Gender in the Middle East” -Maya Mikdashi


“White Women and the Privilege of Solidarity” -Houria Bouteldja


Join us on Thursday, April 26: 7pm-9pm at Nasawiya.

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