Monday, April 30, 2012

Migrant workers in Lebanon parade for their rights ahead of May Day

According to Ghada Jabbour, Head of the Exploitation and Trafficking of Women Unit at KAFA, a Lebanese NGO highly involved in women’s rights and domestic workers issues, and an influential organizer of Sunday’s parade, the demands are clear.

We want to abolish the sponsorship system that ties the domestic worker to the employer so that he or she can have control over the life and residency of the worker.

We also want migrant domestic workers to work under the Lebanese labor law so they can benefit from all the rights guaranteed by the law such as a decent living, vacations, termination of contract, minimum wage etc.,” she said

As a clarification, we would like to remind that the parade and festival were not only organized by ARM but by a basket of organizations and people and they all ought to be thanked and supported. To name a few, all migrant community leaders, Migrant Community Center members, Kafa, Insan Association, PCAAM, Nasawiya with the support of SDC and DRC. Love to all.

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