Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Racism 4: Cap Sur Ville

A new story we just received.

X was at Cap Sur Ville, Mar Roukouz, right above Dekweneh. She saw an African woman fully clothed, while the rest of the resort clients, locals, were in their bathing suits. She asked the receptionist why some people can't access the swimming pool and he, surprised, replied, "who do you mean???".

She said:"People who are dark skinned" (exact words). He kept repeating "Mamnou3", with no explanations.

She said: "I am inviting you to reconsider the underlying reasons", his reply was "Mamnou3, it's been like this for years. Mamnou3".

She kept asking, to which he eventually replied: "they are here to look after the kids. That's what they're here for". She reminded him of the new law which he dismissed mockingly saying "e w yijo" in reference to law enforcers.

She contacted the police tourism (1735) and within 10 minutes, they got back to her saying that they themselves contacted the resort and asked if the domestic worker who assists them at home can accompany them. They refused but the "client" asked to speak with the manager who said that it will not happen again. The official asked her to try again and let them know if it happens again.

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