Friday, July 13, 2012

Safety Measures: Checked

Foreign worker cleaning up NOW Lebanon’s windows.

There is a thin line between ignoring safety measures and not giving a damn about people’s lives.

The photo was taken at the Now Lebanon office, located on the 12th floor while some foreign workers were busy cleaning up the windows on a very hot and sunny morning.

The scene was horrifying; their only safety measure was a rope which did not seem [safe] enough to me personally.

Sometimes two questions come to mind about Lebanon:

Why don’t [Lebanese people in desperate need of jobs] clean streets and baby-sit kids and work in construction sites and clean houses?

Add to that: when we give foreign workers such jobs and opportunities [Jobs that we in Lebanon are too classy to do], those workers barely own our respect, and we tend to ignore the slightest necessities: Their safety!

Now Lebanon

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  1. I think the companies who've got pre-employment background screening test have this kind of procedure not because they are discriminating their workers just because they are like this or like that but instead they just want to ensure that the person that they will be hiring is fit enough for the job they are aiming to be in.