Monday, August 27, 2012

Protest for the Immediate Release of the Sudanese detainees

On Saturday the 4th of August, Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers - who had been on hunger strike for more than 50 days then in front of the UNHCR - were arrested and detained in the Adlieh prison for protesting for their rights to be respected in Lebanon.

Since then, they've been threatened repeatedly by the UNHCR that unless they sign a commitment (ta3ahod) that they won't be back to protest at the UNHCR doors, they will not be released.
The detained strikers are being bullied, tortured and beaten to
sign the commitment but obviously they're not conceding. Protesting on the sidewalk is a perfectly legitimate human right, any infringement on which is considered a violation of their rights and blackmail by the UNHCR.

Today - 23 days on - 14 of them are still in detention. The General Security Forces admitted that they're only implementing the UNHCR's orders and are awaiting their word on keeping or releasing the detainees.

Facing this increasingly hypocritical attitude of the UNHCR, the official body responsible for the protection of refugees and asylum seekers and the silent complacency of the Lebanese authorities, we can only protest to make enough noise to highlight the flagrant injustice these strikers/detainees are facing.

Join us this Wednesday, August 29 in front of the UNHCR building in Jnah to demand:

-The immediate and unconditional release of the detained strikers/asylum seekers.
-The cessation of the UNHCR's abuse of their power and position to violate the asylum seekers and refugees' basic rights when they should be protecting and supporting them.
-A new memorandum of understanding between the UNHCR and the ministry of Interior stipulating mainly that asylum seekers or applicants to refugee status should not be arrested and/or detained under any circumstance; particularly and especially because they don't have residence permits or legal papers (pending the UNHCR processing).

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