Sunday, October 14, 2012

Interesting Piece

Thank you 'The Beirut Report' for a creative idea, no one had mentioned to us before.
Read here.

Edde Sands is one of many resorts that has violated anti-racism laws .

Fancy Lebanese hotels and beach resorts love to fly fags of foreign (mainly European) countries to highlight their "international standards."

But I wonder why they don't fly "Ole Dixie" i.e. the US Confederate flag? It came to be associated with the Jim Crow system, a set of laws that upheld racial segregation in the US until the 1960s.

Decades later, many Lebanese establishments continue to enforce a Jim Crow order by banning entrance to dark-skinned African and/or Asian migrant workers, despite a recentgovernment decree banning the practice.

So why don't they fly good ole Dixie in celebration of their racist, in addition to "international," ways?

Thankfully we now have local groups like the Anti Racism Movement (ARM) that are exposing such discriminatory practices through covert recording operations like this one, performed earlier this summer. Every resort phoned by activists openly admitted their race-based entrance policies:

ARM is also doing hidden camera reports that are getting a fair amount of coverage in the Lebanese press.

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