Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monthly Info Session 1.1 - Arbitrary Detention and Migrant Workers

Anti Racism Movement will be hosting a monthly info session, every second Monday of every month (We'll have facebook events to remind you, don't worry)

The second info session will be on Arbitrary Detention and Migrant Workers in Lebanon.

Whether you don't know much about the subject or think you know it all, we urge you to come, you might learn something new :)

Info session guest speaker:
Donna El Hindi from the Monitoring & Advocacy Program of ALEF and the ALEF researcher on arbitrary detention

Donna will be speaking on arbitrary detention and in what ways it is different for a Lebanese who's arbitrarily detained without any law governing or allowing this and for a migrant/asylum seeker being detained under the 1962 law.
We all also open the discussion to talk about what can we do to counter this and work on it.

Date: Monday, December 10
Place: T Marbouta's Library (Hamra, near Laziz & 24/7)
Fb event

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