Thursday, December 6, 2012


Shams Association and "Paper Doll Militia" are pleased to invite you to the work in progress presentation of “Sharashef” (Bed Sheets) on 8th December, 2012, 8:30 p.m. at the Sunflower Theatre – Tayyouneh. It will be followed by a post show discussion.

Directed by: Ben Harrison
Written and Assistant Directed by: Saseen Kawzally
Aerial Direction by: Sarah Bebe Holmes
Performed by: Hanane Haj Ali, Dana Mikhail, Rawan Kachmar

Sharashef  tells the story of domestic workers in contemporary Lebanon, through 3 female characters coming from a variety of lands. All of them share the same reality; they are voiceless, abused, dehumanized; their sufferings largely ignored by their own embassies and their employers: the authorities who are supposed to protect them. 

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, these women are often oppressed by other women, bringing into light even more questions.

Be it attempted escape, failed or successful, or determined suicide, sheets are often the material used by domestic workers to exit the devastating lives they find themselves in. Sheets are also a reality they deal with every day; cleaning sheets, ironing sheets, setting sheets on beds, children’s beds, couple’s beds, men’s beds. Fabric becomes the immaculate white with which the prison of domestic work is built. 

Aerial theatre techniques are a perfect choice for such work. The reality and symbolism of sheets that are the soft yet solid prison walls of a life of labour slavery are utilized as ropes of elevation, the means of escape. 

This project is supported by the British Council.

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