Thursday, January 10, 2013

Monthly Info Session 1.2 - Convention 189 and Domestic Workers

Anti Racism Movement will be hosting a monthly info session, every second Monday of every month (We'll have facebook events to remind you, don't worry)

The third info session will be on Convention 189 and Domestic Workers in Lebanon. Whether you don't know much about the subject or think you know it all, we urge you to come, you might learn something new :)

Info session guest speaker: Marie-Josee Tayah from the International Labor Organization.

Marie-Josee will be briefing us on Conventions 189 and how much of a key stone it is and what it exactly entails for domestic workers' struggle.

We all also open the discussion to talk about what sort of ways we can play to make the Convention pass in this country and if it really makes any sense or has added value.

Date: Monday, January 13
Place: Nasawiya
Time: 7:00 pm

Fb event link

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