Sunday, April 14, 2013

Humiliating the driver in their own country'

We received this yesterday.

This story was posted by an acquaintance of mine on facebook:
J. AR. 

"I wonder why a woman in her 50-s (a recent refugee), looking modern and stylish on the outside, would start swearing loudly in Hamra St. (as a first utterance) after she was crossing behind a car that was parking, while she was talking on the phone (which apparently kept her from seeing the car moving backwards).

Upon asking her why she wouldn't question her lack of attention to the car (since s...he was still on her mobile phone) instead of humiliating the driver in their own country, guess what her reply was! "Because I'm married to a Lebanese (w byesa rask), that's why I'm here...."

And she continued with her fusillade of bad words flavored by an intonation of arrogance and the accent of inherited frustration. Such madness is NOT welcome at all in Lebanon. "You husband has heard you "praise him" over the phone now, which might be a reason good enough why you shouldn't be fully blamed for crossing behind the car while talking with him particularly. But, people with such attitude like yours should go back to wherever they came from. You are not welcomed here, Madame."

That was the reply she took with her as she, (attempting to take her mouth with her, as it was still keen on mumbling words of humiliation, moved away towards Saddat Street, leaving the car and driver behind in peace.

This story happened today at Hamra - حمراء
only an hour ago, under my building...
The driver was Me."

Rabih H she's originally a nawriyye probably, money doesnt change people even if she was wearing a gilded dress, once a nawriyye always a nawriyye
Samar B You always show the best of attitude! It 's in the midst of confrontation and conflicts you show the highest level of emotional intelligence, resilience, and tolerance honey!! God bless you

Some of the comments on this post include:
I am  disgusted by the chauvinistic attitude of the writer of this post. Regardless of the fact that the woman on the cell phone was very rude and oblivious, there is no need to bring in her refugee status into the picture. And "such attitudes like yours should go back to wherever they came from"?! As if Lebanese individuals never project rude/oblivious attitudes.
The individual who wrote this post in an English instructor at Sagesse University and a previous instructor at at the University of Balamand and the AUST. She also holds a Master's degree from the Lebanese American University and is currently pursuing a PhD at Saint Louis University . In addition, she has given a TEDx talk.
I wonder how it is that people who achieve high levels of education and have the confidence to preach knowledge and wisdom can get away with such public posts?  I would appreciate it if the Anti-Racism movement would repost and commentate on facebook. I know that the movement usually deals with bigger cases, but I think it's high time that these menial repulsive posts on social media networks are recognized and criticized.  
Thank you 

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