Saturday, May 11, 2013

CLDH visits President Michel Sleiman

A delegation of the Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) visited today General Michel Sleiman, President of Lebanon, in order to thank him for his personal stand against the deportation of Syrian refugees and expose to him the current concerns of the organization.

CLDH raised with the President various issues such as:

- The importance given by the organization to the set up of the national independent commission for the enforces disappearances aiming at beginning the truth process regarding the issue of the disappeared in Lebanon ;

- The need to relocate the General Security underground detention center that represents inhuman detention conditions for the detainees and unacceptable work conditions for the agents ;

- The case of Nehmeh El Haj, sentenced to the death penalty on the basis of « confessions » signed while he was at the hands of the Syrian intelligence services and whose detention was considered as arbitrary by the UN working group on arbitrary detention. A report of CLDH detailing the case of Mr. El Haj was handed to the President;

- The case of Faysal Moqalled, sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of unbelievable « confessions » that he reportedly signed under the torture of the Lebanese Army intelligence services at the Ministry of Defense. A detailed report about this case, showing the file’s inconsistencies as well as the violations to which Faysal Moqalled was allegedly subjected was delivered by hand to the President.

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