Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lebanon: Foreigners can not continue to be buried alive!

Why this is important

Hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are kept every year in Lebanon in an underground parking lot under a bridge of Beirut, used as a detention center by the General Security, the service in charge of immigration and foreigners’ issues in Lebanon.

Arrested for various reasons, they wait for their repatriation to their country of origin or their release in Lebanon.

Every year, many of them are believed to be forcibly deported to their country of origin in contradiction with their rights. For example, migrant domestic workers are deported without having taken their salaries or after having been abused and prevented from filing lawsuit against the perpetrators; refugees and asylum seekers are forcibly deported to their country of origin, so on and so forth.

The conditions in this detention place are unacceptable and a tantamount of torture: the detainees don’t see the sunlight or breathe natural air for weeks, months or even sometimes more than a year of detention. They are not allowed to meet their lawyers and there is no judiciary supervision of their unlimited administrative detention that is illegal since not provided for by law.
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