Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ethiopian Food this Saturday

After a long pause, time to start reviving Ethiopian dinner nights at the cafe. This time with a bit of a twist. You can have ethiopian food, for lunch or dinner or somewhere in between as Rahel will be cooking in Nasawiya between 1 and 8 PM this Saturday. Event link here.

Mesir Wat (vegetarian) • Minchet Abish (beef) • Doro Wat (chicken) • Ayb (cheese) • Atakilt Wat (salad)

Open buffet for 20,000 LL and drinks available on demand.
As usual, all proceeds (and compliments) go to Rahel.

In addition, Mishka will be at the cafe for the whole time, for anyone who'd like to come check her designs out and order some. Check the below page to know more about Mishka if you haven't met her yet:)


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