Monday, October 21, 2013

Dehumanizing Ethiopian Domestic Workers

Good piece on Migrant-Rights

“Not a day passes by without a new tragedy occurring with one of those maids playing the protagonist.”

“Those who hire Ethiopian maids are their partners in crime, if the children ever get hurt.”

“Cultural beliefs and practices are one of the factors behind these crimes. Those maids believe in superstitious powers that tell them to kill children and offer them as sacrifices for their sins. Such maids need to be identified because not all Ethiopian maids believe in such ideas and also this does not mean that maids from other countries do not have similar practices. Ethiopian women, according to a UN report, are the fifth worldwide to commit crimes.”

“If a maid is mistreated this might trigger the jealousy she feels towards the family she works for and their comfortable living conditions. This jealousy can drive them to commit crimes against the families they work for.”

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