Monday, October 7, 2013

When Does Plastic Surgery Become Racial Transformation?

What bullying can lead to...and does lead to.

On buzzfeed.


Leo Jiang won’t tell me why he spent the past nine days in Amsterdam. We’re in a city center Starbucks in Newcastle, England, on the sort of bitter January evening when the dark envelops everything by 4:30. Jiang, a 24-year-old philosophy graduate now working as a teacher, is circumspect, evasive, and withdrawn, but after hours of demurring, finally admits he’d spent his time in the Dutch capital recuperating from his latest procedure — on his nose — though he’s cagey about saying more, such as where his other operations took place. This was one of three he’s undergone since July 2010 to help erase his past. And he’s adamant that it won’t be his last.

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