Friday, December 13, 2013

Lebanon Worries That Housing Will Make Syrian Refugees Stay

NYtimes article and BeirutReport response.

The modest shelter housing some Syrian refugees here, a few hundred yards south of the border with Syria, hardly looks objectionable. Made of plywood walls on a concrete foundation of some 250 square feet, with one door, two windows and a corrugated zinc roof, the squat structure is called a “box shelter.”But Lebanon has banned box shelters, regarding them as a threat to this already fragile nation. In the eyes of the Lebanese, the box shelters, made by the Danish Refugee Council, look too permanent and could encourage the Syrians to stay.


Not only does this reporter claim the entire "Lebanese" nation reject roofs for Syrians, they all apparently cite the same reason, which can only be described in the same stereotypical New York Times framework as, what? "The Lebanese logic"?

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