Saturday, December 21, 2013

Syrians want jobs and a new chance - charity is not enough


"My home there [in Syria] is broken and I don't have any money," says Marwa, a teacher now living in Lebanon's impoverished Baalbek city. "I lost everything in my country. My aunt, my sisters and my mother died, and my brother has been missing for two years."

She bites her lip and pauses. "I have lived here for six months. But I don’t like Lebanon, it is lower than Syria in everything. I feel like a beggar."

This is a common sentiment among Syrian refugees here. Most are deeply unhappy that they have to live on meagre hand-outs and would far prefer to work and support themselves.

"They feel that what comes from others is charity, and they feel humiliated," says Massa, a Syrian aid worker.

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