Sunday, December 21, 2014

PR: The international migrants’ day Between dream and death

By the Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights


On the international migrants’ day, the Egyptian Foundation for Refugee rights calls for all the international foundations and the countries of the European union to participate in limiting the death of thousands of refugees seeking stability after being forced to leave their homes in search of a safe haven for their children and families from the ravages of conflicts and disputes inside their countries. As a result, they’re torn in neighboring countries, facing economic and security obstacles as well, trying to live and coexist with these drastic circumstances.

Till they started hearing about countries in the EU with prosperous and safe livelihood circumstances and services from their relatives and acquaintances that survived death during their illegal immigration and were fortunate enough to get to those countries by the notorious death boats, in escape from their countries to attempt and secure a stable and safe future for their children. Then there were the unfortunate ones, who drowned with their infants or got arrested and deported or who survived but lost part of their families and as a result paid the cost from their own lives.

So after the death of so many, we call out to EU countries on behalf of numerous families who lost their lives during one of these death journeys and on behalf of so many who refugees who dream of immigration. We send out this call to all the countries that have the capacity to accommodate these refugees, to come together and to come up with solutions that can limit this disaster through mechanisms and procedures through their embassies in countries that have large amounts of refugees. This would be an attempt to limit the phenomenon of illegal immigration, granted that all the rights of the criteria and conditions that are deemed appropriate are to be decided by European countries and the right to accept or reject applicants based on their rules and policies. Since these countries accept these refugees through irregular immigration if they’re fortunate enough to arrive to their destination, then why not provide a safer alternative?

Accordingly and on the occasion of the international migrants’ day, EFRR appeals to all European countries to participate in the initiative for a more stable security system that the Foundation is working on in 2015. This initiative aims to limit the phenomenon of irregular immigration and to assist refugees in seeking protection and to contribute to the eradication of the refugees’ exploitation by gangs and smuggling networks under the name of the dream of migration.

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