Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Migrant, Woman, Writer: The Many Hats of Efrata Kassassa

Full piece on Yemen Times

'People making the journey from the Horn of Africa often come to Yemen to escape poverty, persecution, war and state violence. Efrata Kasassa, 22, came to Yemen to be a writer.

Her first book, which she hopes to self-publish, is also about an Ethiopian girl who migrates to Yemen. Hardly known as a land of opportunity, Yemen was Efrata’s destination because of its proximity to Ethiopia. It’s often a transit country for migrants seeking better employment prospects in the Gulf and elsewhere.

But for Efrata, Yemen was the destination. She knew people who had migrated to Yemen, and was confident she could receive help from the Ethiopian embassy to publish her work. In order to raise funds, she has taken a number of jobs, mostly cleaning homes and offices. She is also the barista at the cafe of a cultural foundation in Sana’a, the Basement.

Her work schedule doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing, but Efrata did not come all the way to Yemen to lose sight of her goal.'

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