Friday, January 9, 2015

Rich Kids of Lebanon Complain: The Syrians Are Cramping Our Style

'“I can’t remember the last time I had brunch comfortably, like with no thoughts in my head. I feel weighed down all the time,” shared Jad, 17. “Going to brunch is now like a chore, I see Syrian refugees under my building, and then when I give my car to the valet there’s always a Syrian beggar standing right there. Why aren’t these kids in school? I mean seriously, just go to school in Syria.”

Somewhere in between their world of “you can’t arrest me, my dad will kill you,” and “you can’t fail me, my dad will kill you,” these teenagers have finally been forced to stare reality in the face, and they don’t like what they see. Despite having refuge of their own in their $2.3 million homes scattered around Beirut, the teens’ harrowing brush with Syrians is not limited to brunch time. Their Goldschläger filled nights are also tainted by what they so aptly call “the Syrians.”'

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