Monday, March 2, 2015



1980s- Aslam worked in a hotel in Mecca for a month when he was 28. On his first payday at the end of the month, he managed to piss off his saudi boss by not knowing to stand when he entered the room. He got called over and told he was being sent back to india, to which he replied “thank you.” He meant to thank him for bringing him to the holy city of mecca but the boss took it as another slight. 
Eventually, the Indian consulate put him on a hajj ship back to Kerala. Aslam got a job and worked for 18 years and is now a retired pensioner. His younger brother is now in Dubai and now owns his own tea shop. His nephew is there too, but aslam has no idea what he is doing. Aslam hasn’t been back to the gulf since, but would like to go back to Mecca one day.
2015- His passport and iqama are still there.

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